UDPIH: USB Host Stack exploit + Recovery Menu

It's been a while without any major exploits in the Wii U scene, so I present to you:

USB Descriptor Parsing Is Hard (UDPIH)

An exploit for the Wii U's USB Host Stack. Pronounced like "mud pie" without the M.

The write-up can be found here!

What does this mean?​

Since the USB Stack is running before anything on the PPC side of the Wii U is booted, this allows unbricking things like CBHC bricks without any soldering!


  • A Wii U
  • One of the devices listed below
    Note: Any other linux device capable of USB device emulation should work as well.
    Prebuilt releases are only available for the Pico and Zero.
    I will add more devices below which are confirmed to work.

Supported devices:​

  • A Raspberry Pi Pico or Zero
  • A Nintendo Switch capable of running udpih_nxpayload



  • Download the latest udpih.uf2 from the releases page.
  • Hold down the BOOTSEL button on the board and connect the Pico to your PC.
    Your PC will detect the Pi as a storage device.
  • Copy the .uf2 file to the Pico. It will disconnect after a few seconds.
The Pico is now flashed and can be used for udpih. Continue with "Booting the recovery_menu" below.

Raspberry Pi Zero (Linux)​

  • Install the required dependencies:
    sudo apt install build-essential raspberrypi-kernel-headers
  • Clone the repo:
  • Bash:
    git clone https://github.com/GaryOderNichts/udpih.git
    cd udpih
  • Download the latest arm_kernel.bin.h from the releases page and copy it to the arm_kernel directory.
  • Now build the kernel module:
  • Bash:
    cd linux
  • You can now run sudo insmod udpih.ko to insert the kernel module into the kernel.
The Zero is now ready to be used for udpih.
Note that you'll need to insert the module again after rebooting the Zero. You will need 2 USB cables, one for powering the Zero and one which can be connected to the Wii U.

Continue with "Booting the recovery_menu" below.

Booting the recovery_menu​

Important notes for this to work:
  • Make sure no other USB Devices are attached to the console.
  • Only use USB ports on the front of the console, the back ports will not work.
  • If your console has standby mode enabled, pull the power plug and turn it on from a full coldboot state.
  • Copy the latest release of the recovery_menu to the root of your FAT32 formatted SD Card.
  • Insert the SD Card into the console and power it on.
  • As soon as you see the "Wii U" logo on the TV or Gamepad plug in your Zero/Pico.
    This timing is important. If you're already in the menu, the exploit won't work..
  • After a few seconds you should be in the recovery menu.
So what's this recovery menu? The recovery menu allows you to fix several bricks:

Wii U Recovery Menu

A simple recovery menu running on the IOSU for unbricking.


Set Coldboot Title
Allows changing the current title the console boots to.
Useful for unbricking CBHC bricks.
Possible options are:
  • Wii U Menu (JPN) - 00050010-10040000
  • Wii U Menu (USA) - 00050010-10040100
  • Wii U Menu (EUR) - 00050010-10040200
On non-retail systems the following additional options are available:
  • System Config Tool - 00050010-1F700500
  • DEVMENU (pre-2.09) - 00050010-1F7001FF
  • Kiosk Menu - 00050010-1FA81000
Dump Syslogs
Copies all system logs to a logs folder on the root of the SD Card.

Dumps the OTP and SEEPROM to otp.bin and seeprom.bin on the root of the SD Card.

Start wupserver
Starts wupserver which allows connecting to the console from a PC using wupclient.

Load Network Configuration
Loads a network configuration from the SD, and temporarily applies it to use wupserver.
The configurations will be loaded from a network.cfg file on the root of your SD.
For using the ethernet adapter, the file should look like this:

For using wifi:

Pair Gamepad
Displays the Gamepad Pin and allows pairing a Gamepad to the system. Also bypasses any region checks while pairing.
The numeric values represent the following symbols: ♠ = 0, ♥ = 1, ♦ = 2, ♣ = 3.
Note that rebooting the system might be required to use the newly paired gamepad.

Install WUP
Installs a valid signed WUP from the install folder on the root of your SD Card.
Don't place the WUP into any subfolders.

Edit Parental Controls
Displays the current Parental Controls pin configuration.
Allows disabling Parental Controls.

Debug System Region
Fixes bricks caused by setting productArea and/or gameRegion to an invalid value. Symptoms include being unable to launch System Settings or other in-region titles.

System Information
Displays info about several parts of the system.
Including serial number, manufacturing date, console type, regions, memory devices...


Special thanks to Maschell, rw-r-r-0644, QuarkTheAwesome, vgmoose, exjam, dimok789, and everyone else who contributed to the Wii U scene!
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Apr 28, 2023
My Wii U also won't boot, it freezes at the Wii U logo and crashes, I have to force the device to shut down every time. My RP Pico doesn't turn on any lights but it was programmed with the files correctly.

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