Ubisoft_Triple_Pack_PAL_RF-XBOX360-RRoD (XBLA game compilation)

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    Ubisoft_Triple_Pack_PAL_RF-XBOX360-RRoD (UK amazon has it down as Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection)
    Region free.

    It seems it is the turn of Ubisoft to issue a compilation of some of their older XBLA titles in disc format. Here it is the turn of Beyond Good & Evil, From Dust and outland all of which saw some acclaim in the XBLA world, outland less than the other two but it is a fairly enjoyable title. Something of a budget release as well (£18 on UK Amazon).

    VideoTrailers for each title, reviews, gameplay and more available for them all


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    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    ?ReleaseDate... 2012-09-22 ?Source Media....... DVD9
    ?Filename...... rrod-ubitp.rxx ?Source Region...... PAL
    ?RarCount...... 71x100MB ?Playable Regions... REGION-FREE
    ?Format........ ISO ?Verified........... Yes

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    With the Ubisoft Triple Pack you now have access to three of the
    most exciting and action packed games currently availible on the
    Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Beyond Good & EVil

    Play as Jade, a young investigative reported, and expose a terrible
    government conspiracy. Wary of her goverment's promises to repel the
    aliens for good, she ets out to cpature the truth behind the prolonged
    war. Armed with a cmaera, a dai-jo staff, and fierce determination,
    it's your job to the save your planet and its inhabitants.

    From Dust

    Immerse yourself in a world as exotically beautiful as it is dangerous!
    You control the destiny of a primitive tribe against the backdrop of a
    world in constant evolution-a universe where might Nature reclaims what
    is heres; and your mastery of the elements is your people's only chance
    of survival


    The award-winning studio Housemarque, make r of Super Stardust HD, has
    teamed up with Ubisoft to create an ambitious platformer inspired by
    epic adventures such as the Prince of Persia series. Each player's
    adventure will take him between light and darkness and force him to
    adapt to an ever-changing world.

    ____________________________________________________________________ _ _

    Playable Regions: ALL

    SplitVid, SSv2, and verified with abgx360!

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