Ubisoft to release four AAA titles by March 2018

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Feb 9, 2017.

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    I would rather they use an existing engine that already runs on the Switch instead of wasting time and money trying to build their own, for the first titles and for the time being.
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    As long as it's for the switch and doesn't require Uplay and no micro transactions then im all for it. Otherwise I'll pass.
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    Man people are just so hard on publishers and devs. Everyone's such a bitcher and critic I wonder if anyone here really enjoys playing video games. Ubi has done some good work over the years and bless them for taking more risks on new platforms and game concepts than many other 3rd party devs. People acted like they killed their puppy over WiiU and as it turns out there were a number of fine titles they did for WiiU (ZombieU, Rayman, AC4, Splinter Cell) which I actually played and enjoyed. Splinter Cell was way better than the ps360 (the load times were long on WiiU) as the ps360 had terrible screen tearing and WiiU had none and they actually did more to support the gamepad as a second screen than fricking Nintendo did as it was well implemented in all four of the games I mentioned.

    It just amazes me that everyone claims to hate these major 3rd party publishers and yet some of these franchise sell like mad so someone must like them. I admit WatchDogs is a bit of a dud which is a shame because the concept is great, just the execution and story that has fallen short. I look forward to their support on Switch because they are more likely to implement Switch specific features then say EA.