Ubisoft says the NX is fantastic

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    Behind a screen reading news
    CEO Yves Guillemot has now spoken about that support and shared some thoughts on Nintendo's upcoming NX.


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    Dec 13, 2014
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    Well they were on the Wii U bandwagon as well. They even brought Watchdogs to the platform. Look how quickly they dropped support for that machine.
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    Dec 13, 2014
    I guess this will be different
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    Not that I'm not happy about this but Ubisoft was pretty ecstatic about the Wii U prior to its release too. Take that how you will. For now I'll at least save my judgement until we actually know something about the damn thing. Nothing but nonstop rumors for a console that's probably less than a half a year off is getting pretty tiresome.
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    what for...just dance?!
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    Yeah, they'll drop support because we all know the system is going to under-perform horribly and nobody wants a 2011 system in 2016. If Sony can't even get the PS4 Pro right what makes me have faith Nintendo can get the NX right?
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    That's Sony's problem, they marketed the PS4 Pro as a "fully 4K capable machine." They shot themselves in the foot before they even announced it.
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    That's nice, but they loved and adored the Wii U as well, and look how that turned out.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Okay...this article mostly tells me that gamespot has uninformed journalists. I see two easy "open goal"-type of questions that simply weren't asked.

    1) zombiu didn't sell well. It never made them a profit*, which directly caused them to backtrack on rayman legends being an exclusive wiiu title and had to be delayed because of it not being ready for other systems. They should've reminded him of this, and asked how his idea of what will happen on the nx is any different to what happened then.

    2) the wiiu didn't sell well either. This was partly because ubisoft and (especially) EA jumped ship, partially because sony and MS had already announced their new consoles, partially because their audience had left for mobile games and partially (probably the biggest part) on failing marketing on nintendo's behalf. And especially this latter seems to be repeating itself. The console will be released in half a year and nintendo hasn't even properly ANNOUNCED it yet.

    Now...I admit it's not all doom and gloom. I'm sure he tells the truth that the developers had a blast working on zombiiu, and depending on what the NX is exactly, that could very well be the case now (meaning: we'll get one ubisoft exclusive...whose selling numbers will determine ubisoft's stance on the machine). I guess we'll have to wait for that announcement to come...

    *this was before it was ported over to other systems. I don't know how well it turned out for them for that game after that.
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    I have decided to go on a Nintendo strike until the NX gets announced. I will not buy a single nintendo product and/game for thier systems until then. Not even pokemon s&m
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    Great for Ubisofts shovelware games lol
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    They had no idea how the Wii U would sell when they started developing ZombiU and NX games are no different. No one has any idea how it will sell.

    This is games journalism, not saving the world. Hard questions are only asked during "career interviews" where a single person is asked about different things they've done in the game industry, throughout their career. For "product interviews," hard questions are never asked; negative statements never made. If the game sucks, they will say so in the review and not before. Nothing negative is ever said in pre-release coverage. If they did, they would lose access to interview developers and review copies from developers. Not absolutely required to get the job done, but nice things to have, and so they will play ball.

    GameStop and Game Informer: I feel their reviews section is honest. Another good section is editorials when they choose to print them. Also the above-mentioned developer interviews. Most articles discussing hardware, too. The rest of their publications (read: articles discussing software that aren't reviews) are basically advertising and can safely be ignored.

    There are rare exceptions to the preview rule like Game Informer preview coverage of Metroid Prime Federation Force (which was extremely negative).
    Games need to be given a chance. But test builds are incomplete, and can and should be criticized. The journalists play enough game to know what's already good and what still needs to be worked on by the developer, and there's no harm in saying so in the coverage.
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    ZombiU was shit - that's why it didn't sell. Usual Ubisoft crapware and they dared to blame the WiiU for it.
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    Paid off by Vivendi I'm sure :whip:
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    Ubisoft says the console that they're making games for and want to profit on is good. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

    That, or most times, they can't cover much prior to a retail build review due to embargo conditions.
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  17. Sonic Angel Knight

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    I'm not particually fond of ubisoft games, the only one i ever cared about was rayman series, you know.. BEFORE THE RABIDS or whatever invaded. The first rayman game was a nice colorful platformer, but hard. Second was full 3D game and my first rayman game i remember playing on playstation, but they have many re relases like the 3DS version based on the PS2 or DS port? Then rayman 3 for game cube, and gameboy advance, i hoped to see rayman 4 or some more 3D rayman games but then rabids came, and i say, nope not this. Sorry try again.

    I remember during feburary of 2013 when i pre ordered rayman legends for wii u, and then find out is delayed, i didn't know why but i found out it was cause it was no longer wii u exclusive. I had to wait to november to get it, i actually had walked in one time and they gave me the game cause i forgot i had preordere it and i thought they were giving it away for free. I had paid for it already and it was release day but i was buying something else instead. :P

    According to most people the wii u is the worst port, which i dunno how considering it was supposed to be exlusive so it confused me. I remember being one of the reasons to own wii u and that quickly was losing a reason to have one. Somehow rayman trophies ended up in super smash bros which is weird, i wondere what rayman would have been like in super smash bros now. :unsure:

    Not saying any other ubisoft game is bad, just haven't had interest. I do have assassians creed which i played, but the 2 DS games i liked, it was more of a platforming game than open exploration and "Do this mission, do that mission" kind of game, is like maybe mario game, 2D parkour type platforming. I actually have assassians creed 3, To be honest it was included with my 3rd model ps3 (Yes the one everyone jokes about looking like a grill) But it was a included package bundle for that game, free dlc, 500GB and one month free playstation plus for $300, it was that or uncharted 3 with 250GB for $200, i got it cause it was a new released game... and it was about new york, which i am from. History lesson about my own location? How far video games have come teaching us about real life, like metal gear solid, or breath of fire games. :D

    The multiplayer was very interesting to be honest, the idea of stalking someone to assassinate them like ninjas while hiding from your own stalker, it was a dynamic i never had before. I really wanna try it again after talking about it, but i am not sure many people like it, they probably like uncharted multiplayer more. :)

    Now if mirrors edge was for WII U i may have exploded harder than announcing sanke for smash bros brawl. I never played that game but i had just as much interest as watch dogs but it quickly got shot down by how the marketing and presentation was, i dunno what it is about this company but is hard to find something to like about it.:unsure:
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  18. weavile001

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    Jun 10, 2012
    They may be right, maybe it's indeed fantastic.

    But they said something similar about the Wii U, So i'd be wary.
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    How much $$$ did Nintendo pay Ubisoft execs to say that?
  20. DiscostewSM

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    If I recall, when Ubisoft spoke about the Wii U prior to release, they used the words "they think" with regard to its success. Here for the NX, there doesn't seem to be any "thinking" involved........that might have been a bad way to put that.
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