Ubisoft satisfied with PS4/Xbox One prices, talks Wii U support & will review early 2014

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As for the pricing on the next-gen systems, Guillemot again expressed his approval.

Like Activision's Eric Hirshberg, Guillemot noted that the $499 Xbox One asks a premium over the $399 PlayStation 4. But where Hirshberg thought Microsoft still needs to work to justify that discrepancy, Guillemot said the inclusion of the new Kinect camera in Microsoft's offering looks to do just that.

"For the hardware they're putting on the market, the price is right,"
Guillemot said. "They are offering machines that will be exceptional, and for those prices, they're good deals."

On the topic of the Wii U, Ubisoft said,

"We will continue to support the Wii U this Christmas, and we're expecting it to take off in terms of sales," Guillemot said. "And we'll review what happened again at the beginning of next year."

Looks like Christmas is do or die for the Wii U, Nintendo better ramp up advertising and bring the games.


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Apr 2, 2011
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Yeah... NOA's ads are terrible. It's like they want the people to think their new console is still just the family-friendly Wii instead of giving it its own identity. Regardless, I'm sure things will pick up, it's just a question of will things improve enough to satisfy everybody.


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The games are coming, now we need less shit advertising and it should be set.
True and not true in a sense. Games are coming, that's for sure. The only problem is, most of the bigger names from, say, E3 are coming only in 2014 summer or fall.

As for the news itself, time will tell if the extra $100 is worth it. Currently I don't see the value of the Kinect 2.0 to be worth the extra. At the moment, the original Kinect is going on sale for less than 60€ with a few games bundled in it and I still think it's too much. Too few games actually use the thing in any way. :I

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