Ubisoft Celebrates The Holiday Season With Free PC Games

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    It's the one and only one that is actually fun to play. You can ignore most the assassin stuff and just do pirate things.

    As for Uplay, most of the hate was because Ubisoft was pushing an always online model before such things became common (Blizzard, Rockstar, 2/3 of AA games released these days). This led to the usual sort of rage every time a new Uplay game is released since the servers often crap themselves trying to manage (unlike Blizzard in recent years). Although Ubisoft has been a bit touch and go with various microtransaction schemes (AC unity and AC syndi(nobody actually played this one)cate, or AC online thingy that nobody actually wanted), they have redeemed themselves slightly with Origins not having an exploitive microtransaction model. I'm willing to let myself be baited to giving them another shot even if they are just giving away games that nobody would normally pay for any more.

    EA however can go choke on a thousand bags of severed bloody dicks as their execs and ruling shareholders get publicly flayed alive and dipped in acid.
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    Well, it's Monday, my dudes. And only "Word in Conflict" is free. AC4 nowhere to be seen. They lied.

    Edit: Apparently, your information was wrong!


    From December 4 (9AM PST) through on December 11 (2AM PST), you’ll be able to download World in Conflict and its expansion (Soviet Assault) for free. Then, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the first Assassin’s Creed game, you’ll be able to get Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for free from December 12 (6AM PST) through December 18 (2AM PST). As long as you download the games through Uplay during their free periods, they will be yours to keep and play whenever you like.
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    I forgot
    Time zones are also a thing, too. It might be Monday for you, but 6am PST is still like 12 1/4 hours away from now. So you've got another 36 1/4 hours before it'll be listed.
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    I see the thread now... Well your lock felt like a rude slap in my face, please be nicer with casual users and i suggest to sticky such threads with "giveaway timers" when they go page 3, 4 in news for visibility; just noticed that was not in user submitted normal news, to my "defense"... Cheers.
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