Two year-2000 Dreamcast consoles. One reads CD-R's, the other not.

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    Okay, so here's the skinny. I have two Dreamcast systems. One I'd been using for the longest time, and now that I have a CRT TV for the light gun games, a second one I'd kept boxed up for the longest time and taken out to be able to go ahead and use on it.

    Well, back then the wisdom was "buy a year-2K system" because a late model system couldn't read CD-R discs without some boot disc or a modchip. So... imagine my surprise when I find this other (year 2000 manufacture) Dreamcast system not wanting to boot up any of the CD-R games. This is troubling, considering a fair number of which I'd wanted to play were the light-gun games specifically, and some of those games that didn't get an official, pressed, retail release (Ikaruga comes to mind).

    Was there a cut-off date that I needed to be aware of? or something I should do? Would a cleaning or repair job help with this? I'm just trying to get some ideas so I could have both of them working as needed/intended.
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    Check the bottom of the one that doesn't.

    Next to where it says ntsc there should be a 0, 1 or 2 in a circle. 0&1 are all good, so if it's that, you have another issue (might need a pot tweak for example). If it's 2, there's no exact cut off, but a lot of places say october 2000 date or later won't play, but essentially, if it's 2, the later the date, the less chance it has to work with backups.