two quick g6 lite questions

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  1. exile

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    1. I assume when the G6 automatically creates its 3 save files that each file contains the entire contents of the games saving rom. Is this correct? For instance a game like NSMB that has 3 save slots, all 3 save slots would be present in each save file. Or for a game with only one save slot, each of the three saves would represent that single complete game slot. So if someone else was playing the same game that only had one save slot they could then load up one of the other g6 saves. Correct?

    2. Is there anyway to do GBA unlockables when using a flashcart? I assume without a passcard that has memory in it and actually receives the game copied to it that it is impossible, but I figured I would ask. Maybe it can access back the main part of the memory and think it is valid.
  2. g.crow

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    Feb 26, 2006
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    1) correct
    2) m3 supports the link feature between nds and gba roms, maybe g6 will too?

  3. outphase

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    m3/g6 actually have the same support on gba/nds links, but both haven't worked in a long time
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    I assume you mean it was implemented at one time and then it hasn't worked since?

    Thanks for the replies guys. It is greatly appreciated.