Two questions about the technology of the 3D used in the 3DS.

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    1. The Depth slider..... I know that for polygonal based games, the 3DS renders the same scene twice, one the camera slightly to the left and the other the camera slightly to the right. When you move the slider, does it only adjust how far apart the left and right images are from your eyes.... or does it actually change the angle of the two left and right in-game cameras too?

    2. Does it switch to a "middle" camera if you move the slider all the way to 2D mode, or does it just display the left or right camera?

    EDIT: Sorry, my bad, let me clarify: All references to a "camera" refer to the in-game cameras, not the actual physical front and rear facing cameras. I am not talking about taking photographs.
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    Mar 14, 2009
    1. For photographs it does move them apart but for games it does change the angle slightly (not a noticeable change, thats because they can't re-render photographs.

    2. It does switch to a middle angle in 2d mode but as mentioned, the angle differences are very slight and you wouldn't notice anything, unless it is of a photograph, then it displays the left image.