Two kinds of AGS-101 screens...?

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    Sep 17, 2012
    I was wondering, if i buy a new backlit screen and fit it into an AGS-101 with a broken screen: there are actually two revisions of this screen, right? (not counting the ags-001 frontlight one) - one of them has the traces on the ribbon cables of equal width and distance, the other not. There's also a potentiometer on the mainboard (accessible from the battery cover) that seems to adjust the screen's brightness or clarity....

    A seller on ebay told me --->

    I borrowed my brother's AGS-101 and tested the screen on my AGS-101 mainboard, and it seems to work perfectly, and the other way around too (the broken screen still shows the left part of the image perfectly, other than a few dead pixels), what's up with these (screen revisions, potentiometer on mainboard) -- can anyone clarify? I'd be very grateful for any info you can provide.

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    There seems to be several different manufacturers of AGS-101. Some of the boards look quite different to others, with different looking components which are obviously supposed to be 'equivalents' of each other.

    I have noticed one type of board with 'foxconn' on the power switch and others don't have this. The smaller chip to the right of the main processor, I have noticed some motherboards have a different, shorter chip than others.

    I don't really know what conclusions we can make, other than there seem to be several variety of motherboard and maybe some work better with different screens than others.