Two different Zelda emblems!?

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    If you look exactly at the zelda emblem (twilight princess) you may realize, that there are two different types of it.
    At the packshot and in the wii-menu intro there is an angled and vector-like "triforce-bird" which has the triforce between it's wings (as it's head) like this one:

    And the other "triforce-bird" appears on Link's shield. It's not so vector-like (more drawn style) and this bird seems to have a normal head instead of a triforce. According to this, it has even a hole into it's body:

    Miyamoto is a person who always attatches a lot importance in little details in the universes he created... Why are there such two types of the emblem? What do you think? Do you think that this difference could mean something or is it just a little meanless fault by coping the original one? Maybe it means nothing but perhaps anyone of you has any idea why one of them has a hole into its stomach and the other not or why one of them has a trifoce as it's head and the other a normal head.
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    Maybe cover designers got it wrong? [​IMG]
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    no, the first emblem is the corrrect one.. its in other games, and its in the huge statue at the end. i think links shield isnt tryin to make that emblem, i think its just a cool pic on his shield [​IMG]