TWL Slot-1 Launcher works but breaks emunand on reboot

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    Aug 16, 2015
    So I have an o3ds with sysnand 9.2 and emunand 10.6 with menuhax 2.1 booting rxTools running one of the current nightly builds. I have managed to get my acekard 2i working with a combination of the TWL Slot-1 Launcher and the TWL_FIRM patch and it works like a charm, the only trouble is that it completely breaks the emunand on my 3ds when quitting. When I am playing a with the acekard I press home and it attempts to return to emunand like any other game, but gets stuck at a black screen after the rxTools splash screen. This can happen sometimes on reboot with other games, but no matter how many times I restart the 3ds rxtools never gets past the black screen. The only fix I have to get past it is a real hassle because I have to boot up sysnand, use browserhax to boot rxtools which fails, and then restart the 3ds and it miraculously boots into emunand again.

    Has any one else come across this or know of a fix? Having to reset my emunand launcher every time I play a ds game is a headache, and I don't always have access to internet on my 3ds so it can be frustrating.
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