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    Jul 11, 2006
    United States
    Twilight Hack v0.1beta1
    Now Compatible with Wii FW 3.3
    So, remember last week when I told you it might not be a good idea to update your Wii console to the new 3.3 firmware?
    The Wii 3.3 update "rendered your hax useless"...meaning you couldn't run the Twilight Hack.
    Well, go ahead and update to 3.3, as it seems the team behind the Twilight Hack has released Twilight Hack v0.1beta1.

    For those that missed it, the Twilight Hack is an exploit involving the Wii version of Zelda Twilight Princess that allows the user to run homebrew code.

    As well as fixing the problems when updating to 3.3, there are quite a few other changes in this version (see the changelog below).
    [​IMG] Download Coming Soon
    [​IMG] GBAtemp Discussion Thread

    Thanks to Lotrox for the news!

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