TV shows you leave for the TV and/or watch for the watercooler.

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    With all the modern and not so modern ways the average GBAtemper has of obtaining TV shows there is likely a serious chance any show you could have seen before the others in your life (this is especially true outside the US, at least until recently, where things can take months to find their way outside it). However as you are faced with possibly having to watch TV at some point I have met quite a few that leave it so they can have something to watch in those situations. In my case I will tend to leave Discovery channel shows alone, though part of that is because I detest Discovery channel editing ("coming up after the break" is the TV equivalent of "while you are here" to a repairman) and the nice advert free methods only magnify it.

    Likewise in years past I saw people watch shows (mainly evening soaps and later the first series or two of Lost) to have something to talk about at work.

    To that end
    Shows you leave alone/until the time they broadcast around you to have something to talk about.
    Shows you leave alone so you have not seen everything should you be faced with a spell of plain TV.

    As an aside if you wait for DVD, wait for the show to be cancelled or wait for something else I am curious there too.
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    Well everything I liked or was anticipating turned to shit or ended so mostly I watch for the discussion value.

    This includes Agents of SHIELD (had decent expectations but show ended up being pretty terrible), Legend of Korra (also ended up being terrible), and formerly Dexter (although it was entertainingly bad).

    Usually I chat it over with some people during my lunch break at school. Surprisingly a lot of people think Agents of SHIT is not actually shit (spoiler alert it is) and it adds to some fun discussion.
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    Once in a while, I turn off my brain and watch History Channel for Pawn Stars or maybe some car restoration show (I personally like Wheeler Dealers, Counting Cars is a meh show that just focuses more on the main guy instead of telling us how they restored the car). They're the type of show where I like watching them... but NOT to the point that I got to hunt for the torrents or find a streaming site for it.

    Thank goodness for Sky+. I've got hours of content saved on there for the boring days.
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    I haven't watched a modern show in ages: I remember when they had Doctor Who on in 2010. I think they have a new show on BBC America, but I don't really watch tv. I do occasionally watch Digimon, though.