[Tutorial Video] Dump Your PS4 Game Discs for PS4 4.05 Jailbreak

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    100 GB are not required.

    This is how it works:


    C: Internal Drive (usually where your Winddows OS is installed)
    D: External Drive

    Lets say you are dumping a game which is 50 GB in size (its listed on your back cover of the game - bluray box). You dump the game to your external drive connected to your PS4 (dumper payload), when its finished the game files (everything inside the CUSA**** folder) on your external drive will be between 40-50 GB in size (it would be usually lesser than whats listed on the back cover of your game). When you get to the last part where you need to use the tool called: "orbis_pub_gen.exe" to generate a working .pkg file of the game ready for the installation on your PS4 console, even if you choose the "D: External Drive" for storing your final single .pkg files the tool "orbis_pub_gen.exe" WILL STILL REQUIRE 40-50 GB of free space even on your "C: Internal Drive" where your Windows OS is located because during the generation process it will copy temporary data to your "C: Internal Drive" and when the .pkg generation is complete, all the temporary data from the "C: Drive" will be erased and your .pkg file will be located on your root of your "D: External Drive".

    So, basically (TL;DR)..... if you are converting a game 50 GB in size and would like to store your final .pkg file on your external drive, you would need about 50 GB of free space on your "C: Internal Drive" (temporary data during the .pkg generation process) as well as about 100 GB free space on your "D: External Drive" about 50 GB for the CUSA**** files and about 50 GB for the .pkg file of your game).

    So, yes.... 100GB is not required if your game is example 10-30 GB in size
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    Sorry Im out of the loop but you can play pirated ps4 games now?
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    Yup, any game up to 4.05fw is supported.
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    2018 is a truly blessed year.
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    Hi I am using PS4 serve from android to inject the dumper payload.

    I have been testing it on some of my games. With weird results

    The installed pkg are always smaller than the installed Disc version? Is this normal a difference of nearly 1gb seems excessive.

    Also one dump file is actually larger than the disc install?

    No man's sky

    Disc install 4.22gb
    Dump 3.41gb
    pkg 3.36gb
    pkg install 4.16gb

    Zombie army trilogy

    Disc install 9.94gb
    Dump 11.00gb
    pkg 8.17gb
    pkg install 8.80g

    All saud complete after dumping hand warnings but no errors when creating pkg all games boot and play (Only tested a few minutes)


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    yeah im getting that as well, all of my ps4 pkg games are smaller that the dump games.
    but still playable once installed..