[Tutorial] Reuse miis in StreetPass Mii Plaza

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    Reuse miis in StreetPass Mii Plaza

    This is a very simple, non-technical tutorial. I just came up with the method and figured I'd share it since I don't see any other tutorials like it.

    Note: This doesn't let you reuse any miis that have already been used and replaced by a new batch. What it does is back-up the current batch of useable miis, then restores them after you've made progress with them in any StreetPass games.

    Basically, you have to decide before playing any games that you would like to reuse your current batch of miis. You might do this if you've welcomed any "special" promotional miis into your plaza, or ones with a large number of tags that will help in certain games, or ones that'll bring good weapons (or flowers!) into certain games.

    (There might be a way to edit certain files to reuse older miis, but I don't know how.)


    1. Welcome your batch of awesome, happily-bouncing, would-reuse miis into StreetPass Mii Plaza.
    2. Close the game and load JKSM.
    3. Select System Titles > StreetPass Mii Plaza > Export System Save.
    4. Select New and enter a name such as "GoodMiis" which indicates these are the miis you want to reuse.
    5. JKSM will save some files; Repeat steps 3 & 4 for Export ExtData and Export Boss ExtData.
    6. Return to StreetPass Mii Plaza and play any game(s) you like, keeping track of which ones.
    7. Return to JKSM and export all three types of Save Data again, except this time, select New and enter a different name such as "Progress" or the date.
    8. (Optional) Back up all of these saves to a computer or external memory.
    9. Using whichever SD card manager you like, open the folder SD:/JKSV/ExtData/StreetPass_Mii_Plaza/Progress/
      For each StreetPass game you own, there are two files: mg***0.dat & mg***1.dat. (I'm not sure why there are two; they appear to be identical) The *** is 3 letters that should describe the game: "Car" is Slot Car Rivals, "Flo" is Flower Town, "Fsh" is Ultimate Angler, "Zmb" is Battleground Z, and so on. Sorry, I don't have a full list, as I don't own every game.
      Copy these two files for each game you've made progress in, and paste them into SD:/JKSV/ExtData/StreetPass_Mii_Plaza/GoodMiis/ (overwriting older ones)
    10. Back in JKSM, select System Titles > StreetPass Mii Plaza then Import all 3 types of save data from "GoodMiis".
    Now when you reload StreetPass Mii Plaza, you'll have all the progress you just made, but the miis are ready to play every game again!

    If you get a StreetPass tag(s) at any point in this process

    If you've made progress in any game(s) but not exported the "Progress" saves: You're boned and you'll have to either lose that progress and lose the new StreetPass tag(s) by restoring the "GoodMiis" save, or keep your progress and forget about reusing the miis in those game(s).

    If you don't own the Plaza Upgrade (with the Line that stores up to 100 miis): You're boned and will have to sacrifice the new StreetPass tag(s) if you choose to reuse the current miis.

    If you own the Plaza Upgrade: Select Plaza Gate in Mii Plaza and send the new mii(s) to the Line, then exit the game, load JKSM and re-export all 3 "GoodMiis" saves.
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    Good tutorial dude
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    Somwhere you don't even know
    Work Well! Thx!!
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    Excellent tuto,
    Is there anyone who will have the files with a queue with 100 miis?