[Tutorial] Replace Bad Tickets with Good Tickets for eShop downloads (Per Game)

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    This guide assumes you can manage your way around FBI and CIAngel
    first, 2 things are needed
    Install these
    1. FBI 2.2.1
    2. CIAngel

    What we will do here is to set up a download later on a game to find the title ID of the ticket then delete it and put a valid ticket in. afterward, resuming the download will cause it to finish properly.

    One of the advantages of this method is that it can be done directly on the 3DS without using the web browser or an external device like a cell phone or computer.
    First, confirm the good ticket is available to download using CIAngel
    to do this, switch CIAngel to ticket download mode then search for the game you want to get the ticket for.

    Once the ticket is confirmed to be there, go to System Settings and Uninstall the game using Data Management if it is currently installed. Backing up the save is recommended when asked.

    If the ticket is not there, STOP. with no ticket, going any further will accomplish nothing but to delete your game.

    Now that the game is uninstalled, go to the eShop and download the game, make sure to set the game for download later then close the eShop.

    A new icon will appear on the system menu to show that it is downloading, once this happens launch FBI
    and go to Pending, which will show the title ID for the game you are downloading.

    Write down that title ID and go to Tickets on FBI then delete the ticket matching the title ID

    exit FBI and launch CIAngel
    switch CIAngel to ticket download mode then install the ticket for your game (do the same search as earlier), do not download from CDN, we will use the eShop instead.

    exit CIAngel then click on the pending game install icon on the system menu, you can either use sleep mode or force it to download now to finish the install.

    This is it, you have now installed the game via eShop using the proper ticket
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    Thanks for this tut!
  3. cearp

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    work will be done to CIAngel that will automatically delete the existing ticket upon install, so you won't have to do stuff like this soon :)
    but nice work
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    Wow nice tutorial, I'll be sure to look this up if I need a good ticket.
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    I dont get it? If you install direct from eshop wouldn't that install a good ticket anyway?
  6. cearp

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    May 26, 2008
    yes it is for people who installed bad cias made with stuff like makerom
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    hey, this can be used for my case?
    I am trying to play Soul of Darkness, but my cia installation goes black. Can I download another game using a valid ticket of an title that I rly own/buyed?
    I am using an GW emuNand in a sysnand9.2 O3DS