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    (note: some links have been removed or replaced)

    *Supported games (only USA): Sonic Adventure 2 battle, Starfox Assault,Super monkey ball 2 and smash bros melee*

    Restrictions for playing online: You MUST have some sort of broadband internet access, and you must have DHCP provided by your ISP.(to find out if you have DHCP enabled internet, go to Start>Run>command> and type "ipconfig /all" if it says anywhere in the list 'DHCP enabled' or any DHCP server number, then you have it.) If you do not have DHCP, you can still play online, but you will have to contact somebody else, or read the gcars-doc.txt file in the gcars folder.
    OK! first and formost, you need the right version of SSBM. Check your SSBM disc. If it says DL-DOL-GALE-USA on the top, and if it says DOL-GALE-0-00 USA in small letters around the inner ring on the bottom of the disc, you're in luck!! NOTE: If your SSBM disc says anything different from this, you will not be able to play online, because the software you have to use does not support anything else but USA v1.0

    ALSO, you will need to make sure another friend has the same hardware and version of SSBM as you need to play. You MUST have somebody else you know that can do this, because later on you will need to exchange external IP's to play. The program you use is in its prime, still in beta stages, but works PERFECTLY with un-noticable lag, if you set up everything correctly.

    OK that being said, lets get started! You will need the following things:

    -Internet Connection(duh)
    -Router(any will do)
    -2 straight-thru network cables(NOT crossover) one for router to hook to the computer, and one for gamecube to hook to the router.
    -1 WIRED Controller(must be wired)
    -1 Gamecube Broadband Adapter
    -1 memory card(only needed to bypass all the PSO crap) prefferably one without any important saved data on it.
    -1 Copy of Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2( any version as long as its the non-plus edition only)
    -1 Copy of Super Smash Bros Melee DOL-GALE-0-00 USA

    -=SOFTWARE=- (just save to your desktop, and unzip)

    OK make sure everything is hooked up properly. have your modem/internet hooked into port #1 of your router, and have the gamecube hooked up to port #2(or any ports you want)

    Step 1: open up command prompt(Start>Run>command> type "ipconfig" and leave it open

    Step 2: put in PSO, got to Options, Network Options, Provider Option
    press yes, press yes, click on network setup, edit menu, press Next, choose "Manually set an IP address" and "Do not automatically Disconnect"
    click next, choose an IP that you want your gamecube to have(must be on the same network as your router) Ex: if your router's address is, set your gamecube to
    Subnet Mask: whatever it says in the command prompt screen
    Default Gateway: whatever it says in the command prompt screen
    Primary DNS: the IP Address(also shown in ipconfig screen) of your computer
    click next, next, Save.(you're done dont worry aobut the other blank spaces)

    Step 3: Start an Online Game(create character, and profile, any will do) then choose it, press Confirm, press agree
    enter ANY serial number, any access key, and any password press ok, register, then wait at that screen.

    Step 4: go to your desktop, and put the PSUL.exe into the gcars folder, so that both files are in the same folder. then drag and drop gcars.dol into PSUL.exe.(a command promt should come up and say "Waiting for connection")

    Step 5: finally go back to PSO and click Yes and Yes and you should see the bluish vortex, and eventually a greenish room will appear with animated objects, and eventually the PSUL tool will close by itself from your computer, and gcars will be running on your gamecube!!

    CONGRATULATIONS IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR! you are almost ready to play online. With this program, you will eventually be able to play any Gamecube game online with friends! just look for the latest gcars-cs file whenever you can. The information here on is also covered in the 'gcars-doc.txt' file in the gcars folder.
    The next few steps may be a little confusing, so read CAREFULLY!

    To immediately start an online SSBM game, choose Control Simulator from the list.(ignore any errors that say 'card slot failed to init') This program comes with a built in Cheat menu, so by default, certain SSBM codes are turned on, so you want to make sure you and your friends all have the same cheats on(to get all characters and stages) so that the game doesn't desync. To do that, first go to Edit Game List > choose SSBM > select the option "Number of codes" > and turn the cheats you want on. Blue letters means it is on, white means its off. I would suggest you and whoever you are playing with has the Enable Code on, and the Disable Special Messages code on to start with. After you have whatever codes on you want, press B twice(again if the card slot error comes up just ignore it) get back to the ControlSim setup screen. Now choose Network Setup.

    What you want to do here is figure out who will be 1st player, 2nd player, etc. If you use DHCP like I mentioned earlier, this will be really easy. If you are first player, you set Local Controller to 1(default) and have all other players do the same for whatever controller they will be. Set the Network Game ID to whatever number you want, but MAKE SURE all the players have the same exact number. Don't worry about the BBA Speed option.

    Now, set the 1st IP address to whoever player one will be. Lets say for example, player 1's external IP is If you are player one, just put in will enable DHCP and it will auto detect your Subnet Mask and Default Gateway, so you don't have to mess with them!) but have ALL OTHER PLAYERS enter the external IP of whoever player 1 is. To find out what your external IP is, just go to www.whatsmyip.org.
    Player 1 will also have to enter the external IP of whoever players 2-4 are, in the appropriate fields. Lets just say player 2's external IP is

    If you are player 2, you just put on the "IP Address 2" field, and enter the external IP address of player 1 in the first feild.

    After that, just press B, and go to Autodetect and Start
    then open disc drive, put in SSBM, WAIT UNTIL ALL PLAYERS SAY Connected
    after everyones screen says all people playing are connected, press A to change status to Ready!
    Player 1 press start! YOU ARE NOW PLAYING ONLINE SSBM

    NOTE: You will not want to set up any match in which something random might happen(IE: using G&W's >B move; picking Pokemon Stadium, Icicle Mountain, or Dream Land, or other certain levels, having items turned on, etc..) whatever has a random occurance, do not do a match with it. this is to prevent desyncing the game.
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    Nice tutorial
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    all credits to psychoticworm, he even uploaded some videos on the matter (on youtube)
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    warp pipe is for lan games. Nowdays if you wanted to play kirby's air ride, 1080 avalanche, mario kart double dash and homeland online, you could always use xlink kai
    This method is for games without LAN, games that are completely offline(example: smash bros melee), it uses pso to connect to the internet
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    I can be wrong (as I don't have a BBA to test it), but for what I read on your tutorial PSO is only used to launch gcars-cs, something you can do way easier by using swiss (or any other method to launch homebrew tbh).
    so more than half of the tutorial could potentially be skipped.
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    this was made in 2005, I think it's best to follow the instructions instead of using swiss to avoid any problems. But, if it also works with swiss, use swiss
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