[Tutorial] How to get custom music in Splatoon (5.5.0 - 5.5.1)

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    Jun 26, 2016
    Haven't seen it done anywhere else, so I thought why not make a tutorial on how to get custom music in Splatoon, this hack should be safe since you don't alter anything except for the music.


    1. Copy MusicRandomizer.exe from the .zip to an empty folder on your computer.
    2. Double click MusicRandomizer.exe to start it.
    3. Import your music files and choose when they should play.
    4. (optional) Add other file replacement hacks into the "other_files" folder.
    5. On your Wii U, go to http://loadiine.ovh.
    6. Select "Cafiine + Kernel" from the list and press the green checkmark button.
    7. When the browser exits, immediately go back to loadiine.ovh to launch the Cafiine installer.
    8. At the black screen, enter your computer's local IP address using the D-Pad and press A when finished.
    9. Launch Splatoon.
    10. The tracks you added should now replace the in-game music
    (taken from OatmealDome's github page)

    All credit to him, I just did the video so that it would be easier to understand. Take into account that this is my first video. I will do some more videos, if you can tell me what I can do better on, Also if someone needs help I'm open to help
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    Oh boy! Can't wait to replace all the music with high quality rips! :ha:
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    Jan 27, 2015
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    Behind a screen reading news
    I wanna do the main overworld as His world High quality ofc
    Then maps as the Sonic X theme song.

    Also, what are the chances of being banned
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    Jun 26, 2016
    Almost none since you don't change something that might get saved by nintendo, like your rank, level or gear. You are just replacing files. That's why the safe Octohax method is also safe
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