Tutorial [Tutorial] How to fix error 114-9039 brick


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Jul 8, 2021
What you’ll need:

The actual guide:
  1. Grab hbl here https://github.com/dimok789/homebrew_launcher/releases/download/v2.1/homebrew_launcher_rpx.v2.1.zip
  2. Copy wiiu/apps/hombebrew_launcher.rpx to the root of the sd card and rename it to launch.rpx
  3. Copy WiiUFtpServer and the mocha fork to its regular location
  4. Insert the SD Card and turn on the console and start spamming the sync button on the back of the gamepad
  5. Press the sync button in the console twice to show the gamepad pairing code, pair it
  6. Once paired, press the sync button again in the console to show the wiimote pairing
  7. Open up a terminal in the BluUBomb directory and type sudo ./bluubomb arm_kernel_loadfile.bin
  8. Once BluUBomb has paired, copy the bdaddress and keep it in hand
  9. Press the next button on the dialog that shows in the gamepad, it should hopefully load the hbl
  10. If it doesn’t load follow steps 4 to 7, but in step 7 execute the same command but with the bdaddress you copied as an argument
  11. Once in hbl run mocha with reload os and return to system menu both off and return to the hbl
  12. Open WiiUFtpServer and mount all partitions
  13. Connect to the console with your FTP client of choice
  14. Navigate to slc/proc/prefs and open cafe.xml in a text editor
  15. Change the value in initial_launch to 2 and save the file
  16. Exit from the app and turn off the Wii U
  17. Once turned off, unplug the power cable in the back for a few seconds (optional)
  18. Turn on the Wii U and pray that it worked

Thanks to:

@GaryOderNichts for helping me figure out this, for making BluUBomb and the mocha fork

@Laf111 for WiiUFtpServer

@QuarkTheAwesome for getting me in touch with Gary
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