[Tutorial] How to change the banner of a 3ds game

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    One day I got bored and decided I wanted a new banner for my NINJHAX game. I did eventually complete my task with the help of a few others, and here's how you can do it!

    NOTE: This has only been tried with Cubic Ninja but should work for any game.

    - 4.x 3DS (or use the new 9.2 xorpad dumper but I personally have not tried it)
    - slot0x25KeyX.bin <-- Not completely sure why I cannot provide this, but Google is your friend.
    - Python 2.7

    Creating the custom banner.bin
    1. Download this repo https://github.com/AlbertoSONIC/3DS_Banner_Maker
    2. Create your custom banner. Note that it has to be exactly 256x128 px
    3. Place your new banner image in the cbmd_bannerImage folder with the file name 256x128.png
    4. Run the CLEAN.bat to clean out any unnecessary files.
    5. Run BUILD.bat to build all the files.
    6. Place the newly created banner.bin in a safe place

    Decrypting the rom
    Here's the tricky part. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but this is the way I used and it works. Since I could never top this tutorial, here is the one I went off of:
    [Tutorial] Converting .3DS to .CIA for Dummies!

    Here's the options I used:
    • Do you want to slowly unpack RomFS? --> n
    • Choose rsf option type --> 1
    • Do you want firmware spoofing? --> n
    • Do you want to remove region lock? --> n
    • Do you want to insert manual? --> n (not that it really matters because we're not using the cia)
    • Then finally confirm all actions
    Rebuilding the rom
    1. Download this pack and extract to desktop: makerom
    2. Gather these files from the previous step and place them in the makerom folder you just extracted.
      -custom banner.bin
      -the generated rsf file
      -decrypted exheader.bin
      -decrypted romfs.bin
    3. Now it's as simple as using the GUI program. Just fill out all the paths from the files mentioned in the last step.
    4. Click the Write button to print the command to the screen
    5. Click compute to run the command for you.
    If all went well, you should have a newly built rom with a custom banner. I will not go over how to run the new rom on your comsole.
    If you have any issues, reply here and I'll try my best to help :)

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    This is great! Thanks for the tutorial!
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    Can someone please help me? I'm stuck at the last step, after following this tutorial, at no point is a .rsf file every generated anywhere. Because of this, the last step cannot be completed and no .cia is generated.

    Further notes:
    - I can't use the BUILD.bat in the first step because absolutely nothing happens when I execute it (it fails to generate any files at all). Instead, I used the GUI version to generate banner.bin and icon.bin. All programs have been run as administrator)
    - I also can't use convert.bat in any of the banner or icon folders because (you guessed it) absolutely nothing happens. Windows on my machine does not like .bat files.
    - I have Python 2.7 properly installed
    - I have properly formatted the banner and icon files as 256x128, 48x48, and 24x24

    EDIT: I was able to use makerom and bypass the past step entirely to build the .cia. Now a new problem has reared its ugly head: While the rom custom title and publisher data I wrote has been added to the .cia, after installation I discovered that the icon and banner have been changed to "3DBrew" and "DrunkenCoders" instead of the images I specified. The jingle also defaults to the Homebrew Channel music. What's wrong this time?

    EDIT2: Generated .cias install and run correctly, it's just not properly using the custom images I specified for the banner and icons. I suspect that something's horribly broken during the generation of banner.bin or icon.bin.

    EDIT3: 3DSExplorer detects the generated banner.bin and icon.bin files from step 1 as being corrupt. However, all other banner utilities such as ba-GUI-nnertool also fail to properly generate banner.bin files from my .pngs. What gives?

    EDIT4: I deliberately inputted large and incorrectly-formatted .png files into the banner maker GUI, yet it still claims to have correctly generated banner.bin and icon.bin files. Looking at the generated files, they are the exact size as the ones generated using the correct .png files. Looks like banner.bin generation really is to blame. But with all of the programs failing on me, it doesn't look like there are any options to generate the files correctly.

    EDIT4: Ohana3DS doesn't even detect the project files even though they're in the correct folder, so that's a no-go.

    It appears that Python is very, very broken on my PC. Unfortunately, reinstalling it has no effect. This has occurred on almost every piece of 3DS modding tool I've used that relies on Python. Dammit. This is going to be a really long stretch, but are there any similar utilities for Mac OS X? That's the only other OS option for me right now. Otherwise, its SOL.
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    Can i solve this editing the code.bin like FMP?
    P.D. Is a out-of-region gamecard, not cia
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    Can someone please make a custom banner of these on the original rom of sun and moon and upload to that iso/chaos site? Then these rom hacks can be used with a luma code.bin. I can PM you the decrypted Sun.