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    Here at GBAtemp, we pride ourselves as an independent board of discussion, featuring topics ranging from Pokemon trading to console modifications and everything in between. Our front page has played host to industry news, game reviews, homebrew releases and more in recent years with fresh content posted daily. We work hard to highlight the effort members of the community put into their projects, but have recently noticed a lack of coverage for tutorial and guide writers.

    With the horizons for homebrew so broad, clear and well-written guides are an important part of the site, and we want to make sure they get the attention they deserve. To kick this off, we have @RattletraPM's walk through the ins and outs of sys-netcheat, what is commonly known to be a free alternative to SXOS' cheating functionality. While cheating online is a swift way to find yourself banned, it serves as an incredibly fun and powerful way to replay the same games in an entirely new way. You can lock yourself at a single heart of life to enjoy a challenge, or create an unbreakable shield and surf your way down a rocky peak with relative peace of mind. When you break past a game's limits, you find yourself at a whole new realm of possibilities.
    If you want to learn more, follow the link below to check out the guide in full. If you want to contribute your knowledge and have your tutorials featured on the front page, be sure to submit your guides to the relevant tutorial section and message myself or any member of the site's magazine staff.

    :arrow: sys-netcheat 101 Guide
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