[Tutorial] Fixing "Installing Exploit Failed: 00000005 c86044cd" at Gateway installation via Ninjhax

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    If you happen to fail installation of Gateway launcher via Ninjhax exploit, just getting this error:

    Installing Exploit Failed: 00000005 c86044cd

    There are three things you can try to fix it :)

    The best possible options you have requires that you've either got SVDT on Ninjhax homebrew launcher or SaveDataFiler.cia installed on your (new)3DS already ... or on another (new)3DS you or a mate of your owns:

    Using SaveDataFiler

    1. Insert Cubic Ninjas game cartridge into your (new)3DS
    2. Launch SaveDataFiler
    3. In the "User" tab, select "CTR Card" and press "X" to "Revert to Factory Default", press "A" to apply

    Using SVDT

    1. Go and grab SVDT (https://gbatemp.net/threads/svdt-save-data-explorer-manager.396562/)
    2. Extract to 3ds/ on your (m)SDCard
    3. Execute Ninjhax
    4. Choose SVDT from homebrew launcher menu
    5. Delete all files and folders related to Cubic Ninja

    The other (not so nice) possible option you have requires nothing, but a good portion of luck and braveness:

    1. Start Cubic Ninja
    2. Clear your savegame data in the main menu ("L+R+X+Y")
    3. Instead of trying to launch gateway, try to launch the Ninjhax homebrew launcher
    4. Scan the barcode to launch Ninjhax's homebrew launcher
    5. Press "A" to start installation of the Exploit to the Cubic Ninja game cartridge
    6. As soon as you see the "Installing..." notification ... eject the game cartridge as fast as you can
    7. Just hope the save data on the cartridge got corrupted by doing so ... so that Cubic Ninja automatically purges it at the next launch

    The reason for the initial failure of Gateway to install the exploit seems to be that Cubic Ninja is unable to clear all the exploits data from its savegame memory. So if you've tried launching Ninjhax and Gatway a few times the save game memory will be filled with data making it impossible for the Gateway installer to install to the memory again ... Ninjhax seems to be a little bit smarter as it seems to be able to reuse its exploit data, again :D

    Of course the first method is the recommended method ... as it's the safe and sane method to do. Should you be in the bad situation that you've got no other choice than using the second method, proceed with caution only, of course ... and do not blame me for any damage to your game cartridge and/or console unit ... you've been warned! :)

    Addendum: Do NOT ask me or on this thread for SaveDataFiler.cia, please. I think it contains intellectual property of third parties ... just try to use Google to find it or visit this one 3DS website with that ISO images an' stuff ;)
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    The way I fixed the error was to just launch NinjHax, run svdt and delete the files from from all folders in Cubic Ninja's savegame data. Doesn't require a .cia nor CFW ;)
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    Good one! will add it to the guide, thanks! :)