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    First of all, hi guys [​IMG]
    In the usual retrogames hunting/buying spree of the week, i bought a new SuperGameboy for my immortal Snes, because i was thinking how cool it would be to play my gb backups on my new LCD, since i own a F2A and a GbBridge.
    What refrained me about it was the total unsuccess of some guys around the boards that didn't got the GbBridge working with the adaptor on the real SuperGB, basically for some problems:

    -The GbBridge is too big and if you dont cut some plastic off from it, its impossible to stick it completely into the SuperGB;
    -Even if you cut the plastic, the SGB refuses to recognize the cart;

    After some minutes spent in thinking what was the problem, i came up to a solution, and it works! So here's a nice small tutorial and how to.

    What we need:

    - A SNES with a SGB module;
    - A F2A (min.256mb) with the GbBridge (ive used the X-Linker parallel flasher, with 256mb card);
    - Some Backups of GB/GBC/SGB games;
    - A Small screw driver, like 3mm of diameter;
    - A classic GBA if youre using the X-Linker Parallel, othewise a GBASP for the usb one;
    - Writer F2AW30.exe (Flash Writer 3.0)

    Ok, we got everything.

    Tutorial - Software

    Nothing much to say, only thing is that you DON'T NEED to use a gb bootloader. F2A writer requires, if you want to use the GbBridge, 2 bootloaders, a GBA one and a GB one (the infamous Gbc2Gba.gba or GbLdr.gba). Usually you need to setup the GB loader in order to get the flash working on a real GBA. Well that's the error, the most common one, that the ones who tried this made. SuperGB doesnt need any loader, but it relies on the internal F2A ability to sort the files thought a menu (someone remembers those pirate 51in1 carts? Well, same way). So do all the steps you ever done, setup a gba bootloader, but DON'T setup a Gb one. [​IMG]

    Tutorial - Hardware:

    Heres our tools:
    With the screw driver, remove the small black scews below the GbBridge case:
    Remove the small cover which is placed below the F2A slot:
    Grab the SGB and put it at 45° (like the pic) and plug in the GbBridge with decision (note that the mobo now is free, so pay attention):
    Heres how it looks, with no worries at all!
    Plug the SuperGB with the Adaptor in the SNES, but with no card. After that, plug the F2A cart:
    After the SGB splash screen, we will see the rom selection screen:
    Have fun!:

    Concusion - Known Issues:

    Mod time: 1 minute.
    Flash time: 2 minutes.
    Hours of fun: cant be counted [​IMG]

    The only thing that is known for now, is the unability to run SuperGB games with artwork and etc etc. The games will run, but the SuperGB will read them as a standard GB Mono games (refer to last pic for an example). So don't worry, they will run and work good, just no SGB enhancements. Well i guess we cant get all, don't we [​IMG]
    Sorry for the crappy pics, but i didnt had something better at the moment.

    I Hope that this come handy to retrocollectors/retrogames lovers like me, because its keeping me hooked up alot [​IMG]
    Bye Everyone.
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    Cool! Thanks for sharing those pictures.