(TUTORIAL) Downloading GoAnimate SWF's from Old Business Themes

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    You don't wanna know. :P
    NOTE: Not sure WHERE to put this, since there is no section on the Computer forums for this, but oh well.

    What this is explaining, is that GoAnimate has turned into HTML5. Not only that, but there is a possible way to revive some props and backgrounds for GoAnimate for Schools.

    You'll need:

    - An GoAnimate account with the old non-business themes in a video
    - Flash Master Chrome plugin
    - Google Chrome
    - F12 Developer Tools

    Anyway, tutorial is right here:

    Finding which SWF is which

    Downloading the SWFs

    Like the Nintendo 3DS, there is some encryption in the SWF. We have got to find an decryption method for these SWFs. So if anybody can make a tool (I am not a good coder) on to decrypt and reencrypt them, it'll save millions.

    Before I end this, let me tell ya...

    GoAnimate might find this out soon. If they do, they might move the old themes to another server or another address. Even worse, they might DELETE the old themes completely. Just find whatever and download it. STAT!

    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)
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