[Tutorial] [Cheat] Lvl Up your Mii Plaza Miis. Increase the amount of times you encountered anyone.

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    Why? Advantage in some Plaza games (this was done thinking in Flower Town and Finding Mii, but could be useful for other plaza games, haven't played most of them yet). Complete games faster.

    1.- What can you do with this tutorial?
    Level Up (or down, if you wish so) any Street Plaza Mii's Mii you found through StreetPass. You do so by modifying the number of times you encountered a Mii through Streetpass (just in mii plaza save file)

    Link to Video with result

    2.- What can't you do with it?
    Get tickets, hats, golden pants or any other Mii plaza item.

    Yes, I know about Plaza mii save editor, which is totally awesome, but I think that can't do this particular thing, although it can unlock everything, but I just used it for the tickets and some other features, didn't want to unlock everything. BTW, this modification would be a lovely new feature in Plaza mii save editor, if princeken09 plans to release any future version :)

    If you don't know if this is useful for you, read last point to get an explanation of the scenarios you could benefit from this

    First of all, thanks to scene members who researched and developed everything that allowed the rest of us to modify almost anything in our 3DSs. So many from so many sites. Special thanks to JK_ (JK's Save Manager) and Princeken09 (Plaza Mii save editor) for their great work, from which this guide and many of us benefit. Without their work and tools, probably I wouldn't have found this trick and this tutorial would not exist. Both tools are simply great :) Thanks again for them.

    This tutorial will allow you to modify the number of times that you encountered (met, crossed, were near) any of the miis you found through Street Pass.

    Required software:

    * JK's Save Manager installed on 3DS. (Installation beyond the scope of this tutorial)(check this link)
    * HxD Hex editor. This tutorial assumes you have HxD, and the shortcuts and options described are meant for it, but, if you preffer any other and know what you are doing, go ahead, the principle will work with any hex editor ;)

    Previous considerations:
    - From now on in this guide, MPFTSP will be used for "Mii Previously Found Through StreetPass". (Probably incorrect/inaccurate/too long term, couldn't come up with something cool, any better one will be welcome)
    - Have a safe backup before touching anything. It's commonly a good idea to renew those backups with more recent changes and keep different versions of them. They are under 400Kbytes, and can save you in case of accident.
    - All lengths for selections, cursor position forward/backward change in this tutorial are in HEX (base 16), unless specified otherwise. But you don't need to know HEX if you just follow the steps as described.
    - Every MPFTSP block contains 108 (hex) bytes.
    - For the purpouse of this guide, the only name relevant is the nickname, the first name that appears in the block. So, when the guide says MPFTSP name/nickname/nick it refers to that first name in the block. You can ignore the other name and country info.
    - I did the modification for all of the MPFTSP except for two of them, just in case.
    But you can use this method to set the value back to a lower value or to the previous value if you want to "undo" this cheat without importing the save backup and loosing your progress.
    - Could not think of any reason of why would you want a value higher than 255, but, if so, I am not sure if would be possible. Probably modify the previous byte and have a 2 byte value, but, in my case, there is no reason for trying this.

    Ok. Lets get started.

    On your 3DS:
    Open JK's Save Manager. Go to System Titles -> StreetPass Mii Plaza -> Export system data -> select destination (create new if none exists). When it completes, you need to copy the file sdcard:/JKSV/SysSaves/selectedDestination/meet.dat
    from you sdcard to your PC in a folder that is easy to access. Also, make a disaster recovery backup of the file where it can be safe from accidental modifications/deletions, for example, send yourself an email with meet.dat attached.

    On your PC:
    Ok, now you have 2 copies of the meet.dat file on your pc, launch HxD and open the copy not meant to be backup. What you are looking for is a section of this file that contains the MPFTSPs. You will know
    it is the right section if you see the names of those MPFTSP in plain text. I think they are in the same order as shown in plaza. In my meet.dat file, the first MPFTSP starts at address 0x37400A. This may be a different possition in your case. Just search for the first name you recognize. You can double check browsing backwards your MPFTSPs in plaza while you edit the copy in you pc. Once you have found the first MPFTSP move on to the next part of the guide.

    Image [​IMG]

    From this point on, every block of 0x108 in the file, (that's 108 in hexadecimal/base 16, or 264 in our more familiar decimal/base 10) represents a MPFTSP. Until you stop seeing plaintext of the miis names.

    Block selection. To select that first MPFTSP's block, put the cursor before the first letter of the nickname. Then press Ctrl+E (or Select Block) and then select lenght/longitude (mine is in spanish :P ) field and input 108, ensure hex is selected in radio buttons at the bottom of that window. If you did it right, the block should end where the name of the next MPFTSP nickname starts. Just to illustrate the block size.

    Image [​IMG]

    You only need to modify one byte per MPFTSP block, and you can do easily as follows. Put the cursor again before the first letter of the MPFTSP nickname.

    Image [​IMG]

    Press Ctrl+G (or Go To) and enter D6 (HEXadecimal) (FROM CURRENT POSITION, as shown on image) and click Ok or press enter.

    Image [​IMG]

    That will move cursor to the byte we want to change. Doublecheck ensuring that the value in the left side, HEX (the 2letters/numbers) converted to decimal (windows calc or any decent calc should be able to do this)before modifying anything must match the number of times you found that MPFTSP.
    If that byte is 01 to 09 in HEX then it is 1-9 in decimal, so you can save the calc step ;) , but for bigger values use calc if you are not sure of what you are doing.

    Select the byte in the left column with your mouse and overwrite the value with FF for 255 encounters with that MPFTSP, or any other hex value from 01 to FF. Important, Please note it says overwrite, do not modify the file size (add or remove bytes, neither should you alter the order of the bytes) or it will become corrupt. Also don't modify anything except for the bytes mentioned.

    Then, again, place your cursor before the first letter of the NEXT MPFTSP's nickname, press Ctrl+G (or Go To) and enter again D6 (from current position, as before). Doublecheck the value again in your 3DS just to be safe, and be careful not to use go to from the wrong place ("real" name instead of nick, that's the second plain text with a name). Continue repeating as many times as needed. Save the file (I know, it's obvious, but won't hurt to remind it).

    Now you need to copy the modified meet.dat to your 3DS SDCard. If you didn't make a backup at the beginning this is your last chance to do so, it should still be where it was exported from JKSaveManager step. Delete the meet.dat file in sdcard jksm syssave folder, and then copy the one you just saved in HxD, the modified one.

    Back to your 3DS:
    Launch JKSaveManager and import the StreetpassMii Plaza System save (the modified meet.dat we just copied to sdcard) by selecting the location you exported it in the first step when we launched JKSM before. Launch StreetPass Mii Plaza. Verify everything worked as expected. Enjoy your power leveled Miis :)

    Why would you even want to modify this?
    Easy. In Mii Plaza games, it can be quite an advantage.
    For example, in Finding Mii you can hire miis that you encountered through Streetpass, and their level depends on how many times you both encountered each other (till a max of 7 in Finding Mii).
    But actually, what really made want to modify this was the fact that in Flower Town you can't get legendary plants unless your plant is polinized by someone you encountered twice or more. Despite I have access to another 3ds, those kind of encounters don't happen often enough, so, it is slow and have been missing the last two species for more than a month. You can hire people you found before,
    BUT YOU CAN'T CHOOSE WHO YOU HIRE (unlike in Finding Mii), which sucks.
    Solution: Modify the number of times you encountered any (0-All) of the miis found through streetpass.
    And this is why this tutorial was made. Yes, now I got the 80 plants. Got the last 2 in a few tries of 10 miis hired with gamecoins after modifying the save.
    Note: Probably useful for other Plaza games which I haven't tried yet (Fishing, Zombies...), feedback or other possible applications of this guide are always welcome :)

    Please, if you find anything poorly writen, incorrect or outdated, don't hesitate to point it out. Thanks for reading my guide. It got more dense than expected, but less error prone I hope :)
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    I assume that this is for only hax'd consoles, right? :(
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    Hi. I would say yes . But he only hax you need is to be able to run JKSave Manager (I used CIA but maybe there is a 3dsx version you could run with cubic ninja if have the save) If you already have the cia installed then you can do it. Also, I have seen some videos of downgrade from 11.0.0-33 without hardmod, requires 2 consoles, one of them moded, but can't really tell you more about this. It seems I cannot send pms (yet?). If you have trouble finding that info let me know and I will try to send you the link I saw.
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    The URLs work but the preview is broken.


    Thanks by the way.
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    can't see the images, could you please add the images again?
    My friend It work! thank you so much!
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