(TuT): Working Saves in GBA VC Games on 3DS!

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to have my existing gameboy advance saves working on my 3ds in VC mode.
    here's a tutorial on what I did to get the save from pc to 3ds vc working:

    Note: "In order for this to work, you need to use the same game in cia format as the save will only work with that specific version"
    I.e you played Zelda minsh cap EU on pc and made a save, the .cia you make using ultimate vc injector needs to be the same game that you made the save for!"


    Zelda minsh cap eu.gba
    Zelda minsh cap eu.sav
    Zelda Minsh cap eu.cia


    Step 1:

    grab you gamename.gba and existing gamename.sav and copy the over to desktop,

    Step 2:

    make the gba vc.cia of the gamename.gba using "ultimate GBA VC Injector tool"


    Step 3:

    install gamename.cia to 3ds using FBI

    Step 4:

    open gamename to let it make save data & backup the data using:

    (follow Godmode9 "backup gba saves option"
    from Backup GBA VC Saves

    Step 5:

    copy titleID.gbavc.sav to pc & grab your
    existing game name.sav (make a copy of it)

    Step 6:

    open both files in HXD,

    select all the data in the
    "existing game name.sav"
    and copy it,

    Step 7:

    "paste write" that data into
    titleID.gbavc.sav and save it.

    Step 8:

    make a copy of "title id.gbavc.sav" and rename it to "game name.sav",
    open the game in GBA emulator and your save should be there! if it is, your done!

    Step 9:

    put "Modified "titleID.gbavc.sav" back to /gm9/out/ folder

    and (follow Godmode9 "restore gba saves option"
    from Restore GBA VC Saves)

    Step 10:

    open gba vc game and your save should be restored and working like it was on pc!

    hope this helps you transfer your existing saves to gba vc's on 3ds!
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    May 31, 2016
    I'd reccomend using New Super Ultimate Injector (NSUI) instead of Ultimate GBA Injector because it has more compatibility with troublesome games such as Pokémon
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    Sep 5, 2016
    there is an utility somewhere on gbatemp (I have it somewhere on my hd) which auto invert the value , and that's it. As far as i know, you need it for minish cap and zelda III gba remake.
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    A bit unrelated but, how can i back up a GBA VC save made on one 3ds so that i can inject it to the other one? I take it these are installed to NAND.
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    This is how I backup my GBA saves on the 3DS: 3DS GBA Save Backup and Restore with GodMode9
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