Turns out I am an enemy of the state

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    Searching through my computer I came across what on the face of it appears to be some traditional folk-esque music but in actuality it was a training mantra for those who may wish to take action upon the country I am presently located in.

    rapparee (any of the dispossessed native Irish who employed guerrilla methods to resist the English: http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9062712/rapparee ).
    A historical group set up to appear as a standard by which to act and espousing the use of guerrilla insurgent tactics and the potential to be construed as a reward/final destination. Numerous traditional groups have been brought back before to aid with modern efforts: see reintroduction of samurai during World War 2 Japan.

    Attempts to instil a mindset upon the listener while providing historical reasoning and a sense of belonging.

    Further establishing a historical precedent for actions today and setting up the illusion of long term disregard of the people while insulting a prominent historical figure many hold in high regard (precedent for people disallowing historical figures to be insulted: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/09/19/tu...outube_blocked/ ). Use of religion (see last line containing religious punishment) to further establish the mindset.

    Example of how fanaticism can lead to ones name being legend and the payoff for the actions. Can be interpreted as a standard by which to act.

    An apparent chorus, see previous dissection.

    Ending of song further attempts to instil disdain and summarises the mantra:
    reason 2
    reason 3
    comeback 2
    comeback 3
    [this should be you]
    [Someone to aspire to be like].


    *goes to duck under the floorboard to escape black helicopters and re-enact the lines from guns of brixton.
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    Next, social commentary on "Heili Heilo".
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    never moar!
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    cuz you're banned...

    no wait, i mean.... i'm reviving the dead!
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    Bumping old shit again, eh?
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    I dread what they can read between the lines of "I am the Walrus".