Turning off Wii U (when frozen) via electrical powerpoint

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    Hi all,
    I have had a few situations in vWii mode when running various emulators such as nintendon't/usbloader gx( both at the game selection screens, happened twice), wiisx(when trying to load a game, happens most of the time) which when loading a game results in a black screen with white error text popping up with a buzzing sound. The Wii U console will not force power off so I have no choice but to flick off the switch powering the console. So far this doesn't have seem to affected my hard drive, but I'm afraid over time it might do some damage on the console itself (or the wii section of it). Can anyone shed any light on this? What type of damage may I do as a result of this?
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    There shouldn't be any, as it's not writing to the NAND constantly. Worst case scenario is if homebrew is writing to a file on the HDD then that file could get corrupted.
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