Turbografx pce.pkg file pceconfig.bin contents

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    Mar 18, 2019
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    I'm working on some tools to allow for Turbografx injections, and I was wondering if someone could explain in more detail the contents of the pceconfig.bin file which is present in the pce.pkg file.

    The first 4 bytes of the pce.pkg file are the size of the rest of the file, then the next 178 bytes of the pce.pkg file are for the pceconfig.bin.

    Bytes 0x4 - 0x7 are the size of the contents of the pceconfig.bin file (appears to always be 160 bytes), bytes 0x8 - 0x14 are the file name (pceconfig.bin), byte 0x15 is a null byte, and then bytes 0x16 - 0xb5 are the contents of the pceconfig.bin.

    The first 32 bytes of the pceconfig.bin contents appear to be mostly null bytes but a handful have data, then the next 64 appear to be a directory and file name followed by null bytes, then the next 64 repeat that. The ones I'm mostly curious about are the first 32 bytes. If I set them all to null bytes the injections seem to work for Turbografx-16 games, but not for Turbo CD games. If I copy those 32 bytes from Lords of Thunder, Turbo CD injections appear to work.

    I don't have a problem just using those 32 bytes but I'm curious to their purpose, especially since pretty much every game has a different set.