Tunneling Ad hoc / modify "SSID"? (Monster Hunter 3 U)

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    Hey everyone,

    got hold of both, european 3DS and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, yesterday.

    I imported the japanese 3DS version back in 2011 when it was released and tried to transfer the save data to the Wii U version (cross-save is supported using an app from the 3DS eShop). Well, this didn't work as I expected. I think its the different product IDs of both regions that crashed this plan. It all runs wireless, so I was thinking of somewhat "modifying" both IDs to match. No idea how to do that though.

    Another thing I tried was playing european 3DS/Wii U version with my japanese 3DS copy. Again, the didn't find each other as expected. I remember this from the PSP days of MonHun. If you met with friends that were using different regions of the game, you wouldn't see each other due to different SSIDs depending on your version. If you were using Xlink Kai or MHPTunnel though, it did work. So the question is: why is there no such tunneling thing for the 3DS in general yet? I heard the WiFi signal is hard to catch or somehing like this but no details.

    Maybe there are some talented guys around that could help me out here. I got not the slightest idea on where to start with finding the wirless network (theres gotta be one for adhoc multiplayer I guess) at all.

    See ya.
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    I suppose local multiplayer is like the DS, it's not a full Wifi TCP/IP packet.
    it lacks the TCP container as it doesn't require to go over a network (internet).

    In order to make a tunnel for DS/3DS, it would require a specific network card and a custom firmware to communicate without the TCP layer, then you will need an application to add the TCP flag and send it over internet.
    Your friend you want to play with will need the same setup to remove the TCP flag and send it back to the console.
    This is what a tunnel is doing. making two consoles think that two players over internet are in fact in the same room.

    It's not working on DS because the local play needs very short communications, going over internet would force a disconnection in the game due to data loss. (but I guess nobody tested it, as no application is publicly available).
    There were a project being developed in early years of the DS, but the author never completed his work.

    On 3DS, I'm almost sure the transmitted data is encrypted (and probably using different keys between console's regions), so you can't alter its data to match the GameID or the region unless you decrypt/encrypt each transmitted packets.
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    Sorry but i have to ask, where do you got the games this early from? The Release Date is March 22 here :(
  4. _eyCaRambA_

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    Ah well, not exactly good to hear but thanks a lot for this in-depth answer!
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