Trying Wiiware/VC with Gecko OS cheats

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    I have been looking around trying to find answers but have found nothing definite that spells out the whole process.

    Gecko OS:

    What I think I have got:
    1. Use Gecko OS to launch channel
    2. Gecko OS uses codes it finds on the SD card in the codes folder in root:codes

    What I don't have:
    1. What to title the .gct cheats file - Game Code
    2. How to make or get the cheats file -
    Get Cheats here:
    Then paste them into a .txt file titled the game code
    Then use a program or the online website to make the .gct file

    Does this Accio Hacks program work well?

    Guides Found:


    I got cheats working for FF4 The After Years (WF4E) by downloading the .txt file from* and using code manager to convert the .txt file into .gct.

    I put the .gct file into root/codes folder and it worked great with gecko os.
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    You can download a GCT file directly from
    Just change the system to WiiWare (click the Wii button, then choose WiiWare), go to the game you need the GCT from, click [​IMG], Add the codes, select the ones you want and save it on the SD card.
    A That's easier than manually creating the GCT IMO.
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