Trying to mod SM4SH & Project Mirai DX

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    But I have no clue how to download models properly and forgot the LayeredFS method for o3DS
    I want to convert .PMD and .PMX models to .BIN, but have no way of doing so. As for Mirai, I would adore if I found a way to replace movements for songs(Camera and motions) with .VMD to .BIN files. With this, you can see that i am working with MMD for models and motions.
    I need help with model replacements for SM4SH:
    SM4SH Models:
    Lucina = MEIKO
    Lucina(Yellow) = Neru
    Lucina(Black) = PD Miki
    Marth = CoolMedley Len
    Zero-Suit Samus = Yowane Haku
    Shiek = Meiko V3
    Zelda = Kasane Teto
    Ness = Chibi Yokune Ruko
    Dark Pit = Kaito
    Dr. Mario = Rummy LEON
    Little Mac = KIO Leon
    Peach = Hatsune Miku
    Villager(3-ponytailed)= Rummy LOLA
    Pit = LAT Galaco
    Robin(Male) = Kagamine Len
    Robin(Female) = Kagamine Rin
    Palutena = Megurine Luka V4x
    Wii Fit Trainer(Female) = Miku Append

    I also want to make music replacements for Mirai, I'll do that myself, but I REALLY need help:

    Deep Sea Girl = Circus Monster Miki cover
    Finder = Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl(Ruko)
    Sweet Magic = Poker Face(Gumi)
    Animal-Fortune Telling = Karma(Rin)
    Terekakushi Shishunki = WAVE(male cover, models are Yokune Ruko, Len, and Kaito)
    World is Mine = Wildfire(Gumi)
    Amatsu Kitsune = Panda Hero(Miki and Len)
    Matryoshka = A Miki version of the song.
    Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia = my Miki cover
    Common World Domination = a Miki cover