Hacking Trying to inject Pokemon Stadium and its doing my head in...


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Aug 17, 2018
Hi all,

I've spent hours upon hours on this and I've decided to give up and just make a post. In my quest to learn more about Wii U hacking and injecting, I'm trying to get Pokemon Stadium running, so I can install it via WUP Installer GX2.

So I'm on the N64 compatibility guide, located here: https://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/WiiU_VC_N64_inject_compatibility_list -- As you can see Pokemon Stadium is one of the "Playable" green games.

I've downloaded a US rom of Pokemon Stadium and made sure its in .z64 format.

If you notice on the compatibility list it says that I need to inject it into Donkey Kong 64 (US). So I've gone onto Wii U USB Helper, set my region to US and downloaded the VC of Donkey Kong 64. I've then right clicked on the title and converted it to Loadiine, so I have the 3 folders (meta, content, code). So I now have my base file ready to go for the injection.

Inside "\Injectiine v1.23\Files\" I've placed the Pokemon Stadium .z64 rom file, bootTvTex.png and iconTex.png. I've also created a Base folder and put inside the meta, content and code folders for Donkey Kong 64.

- I've fired up Injectiine v1.23 and selected N64 when asked what console.

- I've selected "Base supplied from files" when asked which base I want to use.

- I've then filled out the following settings (Refer to attached image below).


(I've typed in Undoe0.556 because that is the ini for Donkey Kong 64 US)


Its now when I get to this screen (refer to image below), where I don't exactly know what to do. The compatibility website says "By Nintendo" for Pokemon Stadium and I don't know what config ini file that exactly is. However I've tried both option 3 and option 7. They both have the same end result.


Eventually it asks me if I want to use NUSPacker to create files compatible with WUD Installer GX 2. So I go ahead and do that. It then creates the standard .app and .h3 files. I put them on my SD card inside the install file and boot up WUD Installer GX 2, just like I would with anything else. Finally I install it to my USB drive and everything works perfectly.

I launch the game, intro works fine, everything seems normal. I get to the game start menu and I enter into the stadium. Then it just crashes with a white screen and I have to hard reset my Wii U.

What am I doing wrong? There are heaps of tutorials for getting this working on Loadiine, even YouTube videos. But I don't want to use Loadiine, this is a complete deal breaker. If the game cant work with WUD Installer GX 2 then I won't worry about it and I'll move on. But any ideas?


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Mar 3, 2014
dont inject anything into dk64 it says dk64 becuase its waht i was tested, the best overal emulator version to inject stuff is F zero X.

injectine is also broken for n64 last i heard you cant add a custom ini and so on, i made tham all step by step before injectine became a thing.

when you see by nintendo is becuase its included on the future releases, get an f zerox VC, dump it and decrypt it, then go into inis and you will see alot of inis there for games they didnt even released already made by nintendo.
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