Trying to get US Netflix on a Japanese wii (4.3J, LU64+)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by John Adams Smith, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. John Adams Smith

    John Adams Smith Newbie

    Apr 7, 2014
    Hey guys. I've had a lot of trouble trying to get Netflix on my Japanese Wii. My current (not-working) set-up is as follows:

    4.3J with priiloader, US Wii Shop channel, netflix installed through there, with region-free everything through priiloader. No cIOSes installed.

    I select Netflix (hovering over it gives me a blank text bubble, probably because of no Japanese text strings defined in the channel information), then when I try to boot it, it just goes to a black screen, and then I have to push and hold the power button on the wii itself to turn the thing off.

    If I disable the priiloaders region free hacks, then when I try to boot the channel, I get the message "This channel cannot be used" (except in Japanese.)

    I've tested one other channel (the first WAD I could find on the internet from the US), and priiloader's region-free settings seemed to make it runnable.

    I also have changed my DNS settings to get through the geo-blocking issue (although they have not been tested).

    Is there anything I can do to get this channel to run properly? I've tried other methods of running the channel (installing via WAD, re-writing the region information on the WAD and installing that), but they all do the same thing--"This channel cannot be used" when region-free hack is turned off, and the black screen that requires turning the power off from the console itself when region-free hack (or other method of bypassing region restrictions) is turned on.

    Is there some additional level of region-checking in Netflix that I am not aware of? Has anybody successfully managed to get the US netflix to run on a wii from another region? I've tried lots of googling, and have not found a single person who has been able to do this, but I did find one youtube video of somebody managing to boot it, but due to the difficulty I've found everywhere else, I'm suspecting that youtube video was fraudulent...
  2. John Adams Smith

    John Adams Smith Newbie

    Apr 7, 2014
    Also, my apologies if there is something basic that I'm missing here. I'm very new to hacking the wii.
  3. John Adams Smith

    John Adams Smith Newbie

    Apr 7, 2014
    Okay, I've finally gotten it to work! I have not seen any other place on the internet that describes how to do this, so I will describe in quick overview how to do it, so that anybody else can see how to do it. Some of the steps seem really needlessly complicated, but it's because there was some reason why I could not do it in a simpler way. They are explained at the end. If for somehow you can find some easier way of doing things, then feel free to do it the easier way, but I do not know how much luck you will have.

    I'll assume that you have the latest version of the shop channel, and a non-US wii.

    Everything here except LetterBomb can be quickly obtained from ModMii (and LetterBomb probably could be too if I digged around.), so it will greatly expedite the process.

    Many of these steps involve running problems that could brick your wii if you don't know what you're doing, and this is a *very* rough overview. Do not do anything here if you are not sure of what you are doing. This is not a guide for beginners, but for people who know what they are doing with a rough outline. I am not responsible for you damaging/bricking your wii.

    1) Letterbomb to get the HackMii to install The HomeBrewChannel and Bootmii (as boot2 if possible, if not as IOS). (Do not forget to make a NAND backup as soon as you get bootmii installed!)

    2) Obtain the following apps: priiloader, IOS236 Installer, Multi-Mod Manager, AnyRegion Changer, Priiloader, Simple FS Dumper

    3) Obtain the latest version of the following cIOSes: 202, 222, 223, 224, 250

    4) Obtain the PC program ShowMiiWads.

    5) (Optional, highly recommended for brick protection, esp. if BootMii was installed as IOS). In BootMii, dump your NAND to SD, and then in Homebrew Channel, install priiloader.

    6) In Homebrew Channel, run IOS236 Installer

    7) Run Multi-Mod Manager, and install all of the aforementioned cIOSes.

    8) Go into your Shop Channel, go into what the Japanese version calls "settings and others", scroll down to the bottom, and click "delete my wii shop acount."

    9) Go back to HBC channel, into AAny Region Changer, and change your Shop region to US.

    10) Reconnect to the shop channel, and download the latest netflix.

    11) Go back to HBC channel, run Simple FS Dumper, and dump (I had to use cIOS 236, not the recommended 249)

    12.a) Some people have had issues running ShowMiiWads, try running it in compatibility mode for "Windows Vista".

    12.b) Take the SD card, stick it into your PC, run ShowMiiWads, and tell it that your NAND backup path is your SD card root directory, then put it in ShowMiiNand mode, scroll down the list, and find the Netflix WAD. Extract the WAD to some folder of your choosing (I chose c:\ModMii\customwads)

    13) (Optional) Repeat steps 8 and 9, but this time setting the Shop region to whatever you want it to be.

    14) In ModMii, tell it to do a SNEEK installation and NAND builder, and to do both the installation and the nand builder. I recommend putting 4.3U on the new NAND. Be very sure to click the button for "install custom WAD directory", and that you point it to the directory you chose in step 12.b. SNEEK+DI will require at least one game in order to run, so instead just run normal SNEEK. UNEEK+DI or UNEEK might also work for you. The rest really doesn't matter.

    15) After running ModMii'S SNEEK builder, you'll get a neek2o wad in your wad folder as well. In The Homebrew Channel, run MMM and install this wad. Now you'll have a neek2o channel.

    16) Run the neek2o channel. Sometimes you'll get a black screen for 3-5 minutes at a time, but this is normal on the first run. You may have to resync your wii remotes. On the subsequent launchings of the channel, it will be much faster, and wiimote syncing will not be necessary.

    17) In emulated NAND, set your country to the US, set up the initial wii configuration, do whatever you want.

    18) In emulated NAND, go to wii settings, and configure the DNS to use a geo-blocking bypassing DNS server. Make sure that they work. (You can get a free 2week trial, no credit card needed, from unblock us. You could use any working DNS geo-blocking bypassing service of your choosing.)

    19) In emulated NAND, launch Netflix and enter your account details. Enjoy!

    20.a) (Optional) In emulated NAND, go to the neek2o channel to return to regular NAND.

    20.b) (Optional) In regular NAND, through the wii settings/data management, delete the netflix channel.


    Some of the steps seem really convoluted, here are the reasons:

    Steps 8-13, deleting your shop information and dumping the WAD. I *could not* find an up-to-date WAD for netflix! I searched everywhere. However, out-of-date (and no longer working) WADs were plentiful. If you could find a working WAD, you could skip these steps. It might be easier to have a friend with a US wii and a netflix channel to dump the WAD for you. Searching for a working WAD seems to be harder than dumping your own. If you can somehow get ahold of a working WAD, then try doing that instead of this convoluted mess.

    Steps 14-18, setting up emulated NAND. Using priiloader regionfree hacks, I could not get netflix to run. It would go to a black screen and the wiimote would turn off and I'd have to turn the wii off from the console. However, emulating NAND worked fine.

    Here are some things that I tried that did not work, even though you might expect them to:

    -Running netflix in non-emulated NAND, using Priiloader's Any Region Channels and Any Region Everything hacks.

    -Trying to obtain the netflix through the Shop Channel in emulated NAND. No matter what I did, it would not download the file. It seems you need to A) put your wii's serial into the SNEEK's nand when you first create it and B) do some other magic that I could not figure out. If you don't do A, then you'll get an error when you first launch the Shop Channel, if you don't do B, then it will go as if to download the file, but then it will just timeout and give you an error. Even more annoyingly, it will flash the "mario collecting coins" screen just to get your hopes up, before crushing them.

    -Trying to find a working wad of the netflix channel. Everything I could find on the internet was out of date and could not be run.

    -Copying netflix channel from the wii memory, to SD card, and back to emulated NAND. (You cannot use the SD card in SNEEK. Perhaps it would work in UNEEK?)

    Here are some suggestions I have for the adventurous, some things that I did not try that might work for you:

    1) Using Mighty Channels to run the Netflix channel

    2) Using Any Region Changer to change your actual system to 4.3U, and then using region free hacks to run everything but netflix.

    3) Readily available free DNS geoblocking-bypassing services. I'm currently searching for one (the service should *not* cost $5/month. Any one person should be capable of creating a DNS geoblocking-bypassing service and selling it for $0.10\month, and still profiting out their ass.)
  4. Raven06

    Raven06 Newbie

    Jul 23, 2014
    United States
    If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your Nintendo Wii you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.
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