Trying to get a modified ROM to run on my flashcard...

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    I wasn't sure what place was appropriate for this, it might be better somewhere else.

    I'm trying to use this Pokemon Game Randomizer to randomize a ROM of Pokemon HeartGold. I used the tool on a US clean rom and it worked, the ROM ran on my flashcart, however, there was anti-piracy active and it wasn't properly playable. A pre-patched ROM will run on my flashcard, but after I randomize it with the tool it will not boot. (Running it on no$gba gives me "the rom image has crashed" immediately after loading it) I'm using a M3 DS Real running the latest version of M3 Sakura.
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    When was the latest version of M3 Sakura uploaded/released? If it was before HeartGold, you may want to check into getting a different firmware.

    As far as I know, you can't put anti-piracy patches on top of hacks, and you can't put hacks on top of anti-piracy patches, so if you don't have the anti-piracy taken care of by the firmware then your only choice if you want the game hacked is to find a compatible firmware that does take care of the anti-piracy.