Trying to download a Fire Emblem hack but nothing is working.

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  1. rainvibing

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    Feb 5, 2017
    I'm trying to download this hack here. It comes with two versions; HANS and NTR CFW. I've tried both. Neither work for me.

    When I use HANS it freezes on a message saying "prepared to run loader" accompanied by some other text above that.

    NTR CFW gives me a flash of a green screen and then an endless loading screen of the 3ds logo.

    I'm on EUR Fire Emblem Awakening and i've changed the name of the folders to the title ID of the game.

    I'm running on 11.2.0-35E o3DS XL with Luma3ds CFW. How do I resolve these issues? Is there an alternative method I could use? Please help, I'm frustrated.