Hacking Trying to downgrade below 3.55 OFW from CFW. How do I do it?


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Apr 22, 2012
There seems to be just way too much information but no definitive information or how-to method for trying to downgrade a PS3 below 3.55, just to get it to 3.55.
I'm trying to bring my PS3 back to an OFW that's old enough that still has OtherOS functionality built-in so as to make the process of installing Linux much easier for me as well as for some sweet nostalgia. This is a 2nd PS3, so I'm not worried. The 4.82 patch that came out for OFW is making me want to experiment with the other one now that I have 2 CFW PS3s to play with.
QA flagging just doesn't want to let me downgrade to version 2.00, and FSM seems really, REALLY confusing. I can't really make out the information with what I keep seeing. FSM only lets you downgrade if you're in recovery mode or something? Will it not work UNLESS I'm on 3.55 CFW? What about OFW? does 3.55 CFW need to be used to enable QA flagging? Does the Rebug Toolbox method differ from the PKG method? There's just so much information and no one seems to have asked enough questions for my specific niche situation, so I'm finding help on forums without signing up for ones I don't already belong to.
If you say something like "why do you want to do that?" or "why bother? Just use OtherOS++?" and don't have any feedback on how to solve this problem, don't bother posting. Just tell me if it's possible or not so I can try do it or eventually give up and do the OtherOS++ route.

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