Trying to Create Channel for Korean Wii Game

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    Hi everyone, I've picked up the Korean version of Wii Fit and to make it easy for my mother to use, I wanted to try and create a channel on the Wii's menu. Going to the Hoembrew Channel, then load up USBLoaderGX and then finally loading the game isn't exactly straight forward for her.

    The game runs just fine when loading it from USBLoader GX and I've verified the game using Wiimms's wwt tool. However, any program I try to use on it either crash, fail, or say that it's not a valid Wii game. I've tried WiiGSC and Loadstructor, both which said the game wasn't valid.

    I can't say for certain that my rip was bad, since nobody online has a checksum I can compare with, but I kinda have a feeling that it's due to the game being for the Korean Wii.

    I also thought about making a channel with a different game and the modifying the wad to work with the Wii Fit game, but I have no idea how to do so.

    Can anybody help me out?