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    Jul 12, 2010
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    As we all know, the AK2i was blocked by firmware upgrades permanently a while back... thing is, I had been playing Etrian Odyssey and have spent quite a bit of time on the save file... so until I can afford another flash card (probably something nice like the DSTwo), I decided I wanted to play on an emulator.

    I searched far and wide for some sort of reference or converter. I found http://shunyweb.info/convert.php , which comes with a lot of options. I tried various conversions, loaded EO in DesMume, selected File -> Import Backup Data, selected the file and each time it fails to load properly. This tells me I've screwed up somewhere... but I don't know exactly what to do. If I had the spare cash I'd just straight-up buy the game since I love the series so much, but I'll have to save just to afford the remake coming out soon.

    Could I get some help? A huge thanks to anyone who bothers to read and help me with this. It means a lot.

    EDIT: I figured it out! Firstly, I tested things by starting a new game in EO on DesMume. It created a 64.1 KB save. I tried the Shunyweb converter again, converting from the Acekard RPG | EZ Flash V | RAW Format (.sav) option to the Acekard RPG | EZ Flash V | RAW Format [Force 64kb] (.sav) option. When I loaded EO and imported the resulting .sav file, everything worked! It must've been one of the options I didn't try. Anyway, this thread should probably stay here just for further reference for those looking to do what I did.
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    Aug 14, 2013
    FYI, the AK2i saves work fine on the DSTWO, I used to use AK2i but got a DSTWO for my 3DS (the DSTWO is pretty save compatible.)

    Also, the Etrian Odyssey series is best series.
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