Trying to compile WiiSXR for 240p

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    WiiSXR does not have an option for 240p so I tried to modify the source code and compile it myself but I was unsuccessful. What I did was change the resolution settings in the cfg.c file in the PeopsSoftGPU folder. I changed "iResY" from 480 to 240 and left "iResX" at 640. This didn't work as the resolution still stayed at 640 x 480 with my freshly compiled .dol and I'm not sure what else I could do. Do you guys have any ideas? Is this possible?

    The other thing is that there is screen tearing in every game I have played in WiiSXR. Is there something I could change in the source code to enable vsync?
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    I would love to see it running in 240p, but if I remember well, they don't use vsync on wiisxr because some games can become slower or lose fps. If you try games like Bust a groove (move) you will see that it's had some frame problems, I think if the vsync become enabled, it's will become impossible to play.
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    Maybe there's more than one file to edit?
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    That's been a known issue for years, I'd suggest bringing it up on GitHub if you need to, but at the same time, the dude's working on it by himself, IDK what to suggest.

    I'd love to see culling issues/depth and Gaussian interpolation.