Trying to clear up my understanding of how to flash Liteons

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by xtreme1, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. xtreme1

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    Im planning on getting a brand new slim 360. I think I saw the slim I am getting has a manufacturer date that was 10-2011 and wasnt listed inthe drive database but was right in between other Liteon drives.... So obviously If I want to know what drive it is Ill need to open it up. But lets say its the most recent Liton with whatever the most recent stock firmware and dash that M$ is putting on the consoles since October. What items will be essential for flashing with the latest methods. Ive looked into the JF tut and am still a bit confused(clearly makes me a noob, my apologies).

    Its black friday and xconsoles is having a 20% off sale so I am forced to make a quick decision now.

    I plan on getting the x360 usb pro since I have heard some liteons wont work with certain chipsets and the usb interface just makes life easier.
    Now do I need a ck3 as well? Why is it people use this instead of the old method of powering the drive with the console?
    Also I assume with the latest liteons I will need a probe.
    Finally whish Liteon Burner Max drive would i need?

    So are these the essential thinks I need? Feel free to discuss and smack some sense into me.
  2. Armadillo

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    Well friday has gone, so I assume what ever sale they were having is over, but if you're still interested, then

    People use the ck3 to power the drive because it's easier than using the xbox and the xbox logs when it's powered on without a drive. No probe needed for slim. CK3 or another power adapter + x360usb will do.

    Along with that, you'll need a replacement unlocked pcb as the slims have been write-protected for a while now http://www.xconsoles...cement-PCB.html, unless you fancy unlocking the stock drive (drilling into the chip, details in jungleflasher guide).

    Oh and you probably want to grab a console that is earlier than October 2011. Console that late is likely to contain either a lite-on 16d5s with the 1175 firmware or a hitachi 0502, neither are flashable at the moment. Not exactly sure when they started to appear, but from the 360 drive database it would seem they started to pop up in August, so you want something made before then.
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