trying to clean out a JP N3DS, unsure of tools needed, plz halp

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    i've opened and cleaned my systems before, however the japanese n3ds is new to me and i dont recognize the screws. A tutorial would be really awesome, at the very least though, I need the list of tools needed.

    somebody on reddit told me the only things i needed were phillips 0/00 screwdriver, 00 triwing, and tweezers, but i've also heard that the housing screws are no longer triwing ones.

    if you can, i'd like a precise list of things i need to at least get to the circle pad housing. screwdrivers/sizes/etc.

    please, and thank you very much! >_<

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    As far as the N3DS XL (US) one goes all you need is PH00 screwdriver to take off the battery cover, and then the six screws that hold the case together. After that 2 longer screws hold the circle pad in. There are no triwing screws any more, at least in in the 3DS and N3DS when it comes to disassembly. The system is easily taken apart with three tools for me, two screwdrivers the PH00, a Slotted 1.5, and a decent pair of tweezers. I'd recommend a decent brand such as Wera/Whia, but honestly any other should work fine.
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