Trying to catch the legendary dogs in Fire Red

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    So I beat Leaf Green once and started with Charmander...beat the elite four and got Suicune.

    Backed up my save, started over, rushed through the game beating the elite four, started the game with bulbasaur, unlocked the national dex however I did NOT do the islands this time (Ruby and Sapphire stones) Been running around in the bushes now for about two hours and still no sign of I need to go and do the islands again or is this bitch just taking forever to find?
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    Probably just hard to find. One of the tricks to catching these wandering legendaries is to use a lead pokemon that is lower than the level of the legendary (49 or less in this case) but higher than the wild pokemon you see in the area. Then use a max repel and the only wild encounter you should see would be the legendary. Wander around the grass for about 15-30 seconds or so and if not found, exit the area and go back to reset the legendaries location and try again. Personally I got my legendary dogs from the Colosseum GC game as they were much easier to catch there.
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    It just takes time... they took me forever to find