True DKCR SNES Controls

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    My friend and I finished the classic Donkey Kong Country series for the SNES yesterday and were excited to start playing Donkey Kong Country Returns.
    We already knew about the Classic Controller support code for the game so we assumed we would be able to jump straight into the game with proper controls.

    There is however quite a big problem with the Classic Controller code...
    You see, I set up the code to perfectly emulate the SNES games control scheme; mapping both button 1 (Run/Pick up stuff) and the shake input (Roll) to the Y button on the Classic Controller.

    However, upon actually trying to play the game we found that there was a problem with this:
    If you hold down whatever button is mapped as shake, it keeps rolling rather than just doing one roll.
    So if you map both Run and Roll to the same button and then hold that button it won't roll once then go into a run, it'll just keep endlessly doing rolls.

    Obviously, we can't play the game like this.
    So I am wondering if anybody either knows whether it would be possible to create a code that only outputs a roll ONCE if you hold down the shake input, or is actually able to create such a code.

    We were really looking forward to this game and without this code we are pretty screwed.