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    with all these patches appearing for all these games...i am not to keen to rely on them.
    Reason being that if nintendo patch them then they will no longer work? is this right?

    alot of peeps are converting videos etc and i right in thinking these images will be no good once patched?...or what is the likely hood in nintendo patching it? i mean they didnt want to release this signer because it was easy to fix??

    any thoughts?
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    Firmware update blocks customs isos: so says the theory. How likely: hard to say, all attempts so far have been fairly half hearted though so I would say maybe 2 large updates away and then it becomes more complex. While for me hacking isos is a great thing it has not really allowed much more than what has already occurred/can be done.

    Assuming signing/custom firmware is not possible and updates I predict the rise of alternative firmware chips like the PSP, you can already replace them but for most there is no reason.

    People seem to be doing a great job at dropping updates from isos too.