troubles with lego indiana jones 2 with homebrew

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by twiice, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. twiice

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    Jan 9, 2010
    hello may i introduce myself

    My name is romeo i am from Holland (the netherlands Europe).

    First off all i would like to thank you for your explaination to hack the wii to homebrew (wii 4.2e version).
    thanks that there is an gba family to solve your problems.

    The following problem i have is that the game lego indiana jones 2 doesn,t work on my wii any more (original)

    I have made an copy to the HD and try to play it with usb loader with te settings (dol as default) and de error 002 fix on

    But every time the game get stucked at the beginning with the choose of language and the game stuck in that peice

    could you please be so kind to help me??

    kind regards romeo
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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Welcome to GBAtemp! Read the rules, get to know some people, and most of all, have fun!
    And sorry, but I'm no wii expert so I don't know how to fix your problem [​IMG]