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    Feb 17, 2004
    Hello, I made the update of USB Loader GX to v2.0 a while ago, and since then the two games mentioned in my topic description no longer works. I have read other threads and the common reply is that it's usually a cIOS rev that's outdated. I have not fiddled with cIOSes in quite a while, so that's not it. And to clearify these games worked flawlessly before.

    The settings were all back to standard settings after the v2.0 upgrade though, maybe for these games you are supposed to use a different cIOS/IOS in the settings?
    I have no idea what all those things really do, if earlier something wasn't working I could just google it and it turned out to be a common problem and a forum post would tell me just what needed to be done... no such luck this time, so I hope someone will be willing to give me advice on what to do. Thanks!
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