Trouble with trainer patches

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    Every game I've tried to patch with a trainer always ends up with a filesize smaller than what it was before.

    For example, with Megaman ZX. I start with 'mmzx.nds', about 65 MB. And I have the patch file, TF-MMZX6.BDF.

    So I use the command:
    bspatch.exe mmzx.nds mmzx_trn.nds TF-MMZX6.BDF

    But the mmzx_trn.nds file comes out at about 45 MB. And of course when I put it on my M3, it won't run.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    And are there any specific settings I should use to put it on the M3 that are different that what I for the unpatched game?
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    You seem to have the syntax OK.

    1. The Megaman trainer is not the most stable trainer in the world (the NFO mentions this) and is likely the cause of your issues.

    2. Roms are not exactly 16/32/64.... megs, the chips they come on are and so the roms get made up to the size of the chip by adding 00/FF's to them. The trainer likely comes from a image with these junk bytes removed nothing else.
  3. sudeki300

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    Nov 20, 2004
    i'm trying to add this trainer to the same game but having no luck at all.i try to put in the same command as you samutz but all i get is "bspatch.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".
    i'm about to give up on the trainer thing as i'm just having no hard is it to make a bat file out of these trainers.thanks...........sudeki300
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    Dec 5, 2006
    well it's not that difficult sudeki300

    here is the step by step guide:
    1. unzip trainer to your C:\dir\
    2. put the game.nds in the same dir
    3. put bspatch.exe in the same dir if it didn't come with the trainer
    3. press windows key + r (or start >run)
    4. enter cmd
    5. do cd.. until you're at C:\
    6. cd dir (the dir you chose in step one)
    7. bspatch.exe game.nds game2.nds trainer.bdf

    the error you get is when you run bspatch from a folder where there is no bspatch.exe [​IMG]
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    Nov 20, 2004
    sorry mate i'm having a right thick day.i have never used command line before so
    please bear with me.when you say unzip your trainer to C:/dir/ what do you mean and the bit about "do cd.. until you're at C:\".i don't get that bit either.the folder def has a bspatch.exe in it.thanks i really value your help mate...............sudeki300
  6. chuuu

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    Dec 5, 2006
    the trainer you downloaded is probably in a compressed file (like zip/rar/7z/...)
    download winrar
    install it
    right click on the compressed file and choose extract files...
    browse to C:\, make a new dir called what ever you want (in the example it's just called dir)

    when you see the cmd window you'll see that you are in C:\Documents and Settings\username
    cd.. is a command that tells the program to go a directory lower
    so when you type in cd.. and press enter you'll be in C:\Documents and Settings
    do it again
    and then type in cd dir(the directory where the extracted files are in)
    this tells the program to go to that directory

    here's an example of the directory with all the needed files in it (click)
    the first icon in it is the original rom
    second one is the patched rom
    third one is bspatch.exe
    that's the command window which shows each step I used to patch the game with the trainer
  7. sudeki300

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    Nov 20, 2004
    thanks chuuu your help as been very have helped me with something that has been out of my grasp for a long time.take care and have a good weekend buddy........................sudeki300
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    I think you meant what i commented in, using # to start a comment, and # to end it. not that it was a bad post, im justing making it easier for the newbs and for those learning not to be confused about directory structure.