Trouble playing GC games? Any way to play Wii ISO files?

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by HoboWii, May 1, 2015.

  1. HoboWii

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    May 1, 2015
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    Hi all

    Pretty new to the Homebrew scene, recently got myself a Wii for the sole purpose of modding it so I can play all of my old GameCube games again, and also a bunch of Wii titles too.

    So I followed this guide:

    Managed to get everything set up fine but for some reason games wouldn't load using DiosMios, the games don't show up in cfgloader. Also have USB loader GX but have no clue as to how to get Dios Mios to work via there.

    I managed to find the game in particular using the WiiFlow loader but I get the "Fatal error apploader size is zero" message on the Dios Mios splash screen.

    I finally went ahead and got Nintendont which identifies Wind Waker on my flash drive (the game was put through the DiskEx option on DMLizard) and plays it, but in black and white.

    I've followed the Modmii guide and installed everything (all the iOS) onto my Wii with no trouble

    Can anyone link me to a decent tutorial to help me get GameCube games to work?

    And secondly, how can I play Wii ISO files? Not WBFS?
  2. marchrius

    marchrius GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 12, 2015
    In Nintendont settings (press B button) try to change video to "force ntsc" or whatever works to you. I experienced b/w games messing up with regions and cables. Keep in mind that ntsc games are generally better than pal counterparts because they're all at 60hz and support 480p very often. You'll need a component cable, is miles better than the stock composite cable. Stick with nintendont, is much better than dios mios and supports a lot of different controllers. Plus, you don't need a gc memory card.

    You can run wii AND gamecube games from usb loader gx, from usb loader gx settings select "nintendont" in gamecube loader. You may not be able to select "nintendont" in usb loader gx if you have an older version (it's a common problem since a popular guide, I think the one from this board, links to a usb loader gx release without nintendont support).

    For iso support, I think you have to put them at the same place than wbfs files. However, wbfs files are best since they're smaller. You can convert iso to wbfs with wii backup manager. You'll find everything with a quick google search.
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